Biological Science

Biological Science major at Pitt-Greensburg

56 credits
Bachelor of Science

The Biology Program at Pitt-Greensburg is designed to provide a quality education that will prepare men and women for careers in today’s fast-paced scientific world. Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will promote their success in graduate school, professional schools, and careers in science and technology.

Additionally, the Biology Program will prepare undergraduate students who seek careers in medicine and health-related professions.

Core courses include two semesters each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and calculus, and a semester course in genetics.  Including the genetics course, students are required to take 19 credit hours of lecture/lab courses.  Within these courses, students will take a biochemistry course (either a one-semester introductory class, or a more in-depth two-semester biochemistry sequence), and their choice of upper level molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, embryology or anatomy and physiology courses.

All Biological Science majors are required to carry out a Capstone Senior Research Project.  Topics of research are not isolated to the field of Biology; students can that minor in Chemsitry may opt to perform research in the fields of Chemistry or Biochemistry as the core courses of the major are designed to provide competencies in all of these areas.

Students pursuing a biological sciences degree sometimes chose to also pursue a minor.   A few of the minors that biological majors chose to pursue are chemistry and psychology.

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General Degree Requirements

SLC Scholarship Program

Pitt-Greensburg has been awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to increase the retention and graduation rates of students in Biology or Chemistry. Through the Science Learning Community (SLC) program, scholarships of up to $10,000 per year for a period of up to four years are available to eligible academically talented students from high schools serving Fayette and Washington Counties and rural areas of Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania. Learn more>

Core Courses 5 courses- 13 credits

Course Title Credits
BIOSC 0170 Foundations of Biology 1 3
BIOSC 0070 Foundations of Biology 1 Lab 1
BIOSC 0180 Foundations of Biology 2 3
BIOSC 0080 Foundations of Biology 2 Lab 1
BIOSC 0350 Genetics 3
Upper-Level Courses 16 Credits*
All students must take either the single-semester biochemistry or the multi-course biochemistry sequence and then select additional lecture and lab electives. Students must take a minimum of two lecture/lab combinations. Courses marked with asterisks are recommended for students who are seeking the strongest preparation for graduate, medical, dental and veterinary school.
Course Title Credits

BIOSC 1000


BIOSC 1810

BIOSC 1820

BIOSC 1830


Molecular Structuve and Function*

Metabolic Pathways*

Biochemistry Lab*





Additional Upper Level Courses
Course Title Credits
BIOSC 1110 & 1111 Anatomy and Physiology 1 & Lab 3 & 1
BIOSC 1115 & 1116 Anatomy and Physiology 2 & Lab 3 & 1
BIOSC 1200 & 1210 Vertebrate Morphology & Lab 3 & 2
BIOSC 1480 & 1490 Embryology & Lab 3 & 2
BIOSC 1500 & 1510 Cell Biology & Lab 3 & 1
BIOSC 1560 Cell and Developmental Biology Seminar 1
BIOSC 1580 Biochemistry Seminar 1
BIOSC 1760 Immunology 3
BIOSC 1850 & 1860 Microbiology & Lab 3 & 2
BIOSC 1870 & 1875 Animal Physiology & Lab 3 & 2
BIOSC 1940 & 1950 Molecular Biology & Lab 3 & 2
Other Required Science Courses 9 courses- 24 credits
CHEM 0310 & 0330 Organic Chemistry 1 & Lab   3 & 1
CHEM 0320 & 0340 Organic Chemistry 2 & Lab 3 & 1
PHYS 0110 Introduction to Physics 1 3
PHYS 0111 & 0212 Introduction to Physics 2 & Lab   3 & 2
MATH 0220 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 4
MATH 0230** Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2   4
** With the consent of the Faculty Advisor, students may substitute STAT 1000 Applied Statistical Methods or a computer programming course (CS 0004 or 0402) for Math 0230.  
Additional Requirements  1 course-3 credits
Biology majors take the following course to fulfill the capstone requirement:
BIOSC 1962 Senior Research  3