English Writing

The English Writing major includes concentrations in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism. Students focus on a primary genre, but are encouraged to take courses in all genres.
A wide variety of readings, topics, and writing-workshop based courses are essential to the major and provide the link between critical reading and good writing. This broad approach encourages creative writing and critical thinking while preparing students for the job market. A bi-annual literary magazine and daily online newspaper, as well as off-campus internships in journalism and publishing, offer students practical, hand-on experience. An annual Writers Festival and a monthly reading series provide a vibrant writing community and the opportunity to learn from professional, nationally-acclaimed poets and writers.

We also offer minors in fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism.

Our program is a member of the Associated Writing Programs--the nation's largest professional organization for writers. And we're linked to one of the oldest and most prestigious writing programs in the country--the University of Pittsburgh. All of our faculty members are award-winning authors and teachers who look forward to working with you as you develop your craft. We're passionate about what we do and look forward to sharing our love of books and writing with you.

You'll find that our small class size offers you and your writing personalized attention and the kind of craft-based individualized feedback you can't get anywhere else.

Printable Program Sheet

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

51 credits

Introductory Courses 2 courses - 6 credits
Choose 2 of the following courses:
ENGWRT 0410 Introduction to Creative Writing (cross genre course) 3
ENGWRT 0411 Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction 3
ENGWRT 0520 Introduction to Fiction Writing 3
ENGWRT 0530 Introduction to Poetry Writing 3
ENGWRT 0550 Fundamentals of News Reporting 3
(Note: Introductory courses are usually offered in the fall and summer sessions. Advanced courses are usually offered in the spring and summer sessions. Students must complete ENGCMP 0020 before enrolling in a writing course.)
Writing Courses 6 courses - 18 credits
After completing the introductory courses, students are encouraged to declare a genre (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or journalism) and complete all courses in that genre.
(Note: Introductory courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.)
ENGWRT 1010 Intermediate Fiction 3
ENGWRT 1170* ENGWRT 1170* Short Story Workshop 3
ENGWRT 1175* Fiction Seminar: Families and Small Towns 3
ENGWRT 1210* Poetry Workshop 3
ENGWRT 1250 Formal Poetry Writing 3
ENGWRT 1290* Readings in Contemporary Poetry 3
ENGWRT 1310* Newspaper 1 3
ENGWRT 1331* Magazine 1 3
ENGWRT 1380 Pitt-Greensburg Press - The Insider 3
ENGWRT 1381* Pitt-Greensburg Press 2 - The Insider 2
ENGWRT 1390* Readings in Contemporary Non-Fiction/Nature Writing 3
ENGWRT 1410* Topics in Non-Fiction: Memoir/Digital Publishing/ Travel Writing 3
ENGWRT 1900* Internship (required for majors with journalism emphasis - 12 or more credits in journalism or creative nonfiction) 3
*This course has a prerequisite

Additional Requirements 4 courses - 12 credits

All students must complete four courses of English Literature electives as part of the major requirements.

Related Area 4 courses - 12 credits

These courses are in an area approved by the student’s Academic Advisor.

English Writing Capstone 1 course - 3 credits

This rigorous, senior-seminar course is taken during the student’s senior year. Students complete a manuscript in their chosen genres and do a public presentation of their work as part of the course requirements.