Andrea Acker
Part-time Instructor, English
Christopher L Bartley
Instructor of Music
Elisa Eileen Beshero-Bondar, PhD
Associate Professor of English
William Campbell
Part-time Instructor, History
John Ciak, ScD
Part-Time Instructor, Public Speaking
Elizabeth V. Contreras
Visiting Instructor of Spanish
Anne M Czerwinski, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication
Jessica L Ghilani, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication
Sayre N Greenfield, PhD
Professor of English; Division Chair
Paulette Harvey
Part-Time Instructor, Communication
Daniel Hitt
Part-Time Instructor, English
Lori Jakiela
Professor of English and Creative Writing
Elizabeth A Briggs Jones
Part-time Instructor, English Literature
Elaine M Kelly
Part-Time Instructor, English
Martha J Koehler, PhD
Professor of English
Shujiang Lu, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Gary L Lutz
Assistant Professor of English
Kelli Maloy, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Amber A McAlister, PhD
Assistant Professor, History of Art & Architecture
Susan McDonald
Part-time Instructor of English
Helga Mears
Part-Time Instructor, German
Stephen Murabito
Professor of English
Silvina M Orsatti
Instructor of Spanish
William Charles Pamerleau II, PhD
Associate Professor, Philosophy
John H Prellwitz, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication
Zachary Rohlwing
Part-time Instructor, Music
William A Rued, PhD
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Rachel Savorelli
Part-time Instructor of English
Stephen A Schrum, PhD
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
Lou Ann Sears, PhD
Director of Learning Resources Center; Assistant Professor, English
David Seward
Part-Time Instructor, Classics
Barry Albert Shields
Part-Time Instructor, Studio Arts
Stacey E Triplette, PhD
Assistant Professor of Spanish & French
Meghan Tutolo
Part-time Instructor, English
Gretchen K Underwood, PhD
Assistant Professor, Communication

Behavioral Sciences

Paul S Adams, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science; Division Chair
Gregory Aldous, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Kristen N Asplin, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Vickilyn Barnot, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education
Anthony T Boldurian, PhD
Professor of Anthropology
Gregory Bondar
Part-Time Instructor, Anthropology
Jeanne L Burth, EdD
Assistant Professor of Education
Michele Cribbs
Part-Time Instructor, Education
John N Dittmar
Part-time Instructor, Psychology
Jeffrey J Everly, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Jessica L Everly, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Edward Federinko
Part-Time Instructor, Education
Glenson S France
Visiting Instructor of Economics
Charlie H Frederickson, Jr
Part-time Instructor, Management
Beverly Ann Gaddy, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Donald E Gibson, PhD
Part-time Instructor of Sociology
Wendy Hardy, EdD
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Pilar Maria Herr, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Richard C Hoffman
Part-time Instructor, Psychology
Timothy Holler, PhD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Jacqueline Horrall, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics; Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dennis Kennedy
Part-Time Instructor, Management
Eric B Kimball, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Kerry J. Manning, PhD
Part-Time Instructor, Political Science
Elizabeth M Marciniak, PhD
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Melissa J Marks, EdD
Associate Professor of Education
Lipika Mazumdar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Susan McKeever
Part-time Instructor, Education
Cindy Mondi
Part-Time Instructor, Education
Pamela A Ondeck
Assistant Professor of Management
Russell E Phillips, III, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Margaret Rechter, PhD
Associate Professor of Management
Ewa A Rudnicka, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business
Sharon M Turchick
Assistant Professor of Management Accounting
Jonathan P Vallano, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Franklin David Wilson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Geoffrey L Wood, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sociology; Director, Center for Applied Research

Natural Sciences

Barbara J Barnhart, MEd
Instructor in Biology
L. Todd Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
Katrina W Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
Koreen L Byrns
Part-time Instructor, Biological Science
Victoria Causer
Visiting Instructor of Statistics
Diane E Cheek, MS
Instructor, Biology
Benjamin Espinoza, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
John Float
Visiting Instructor of Mathematics
Dennis N Gaal
Part-time Instructor, Mathematics
Laura Giovannelli
Instructor, Chemistry
Susan K Hahn
Instructor, Information Technology
Gary D Hart, PhD
Instructor, Mathematics
Kerry W Holzworth, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
Edward P Krisner, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Laurie Lash
Part-time Instructor of Mathematics
Estela S Llinas, PhD
Associate Professor of Engineering/Mathematics
Olivia S Long, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Michael J Lucci
Full-Time Instructor, Mathematics
Matthew R Luderer, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Audrey N Mamros
Visiting Full-Time Lab Instructor
Christine L McCreary, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Natural Science
Dean Nelson, PhD
Associate Professor of Statistics; Division Chair
Christie Z Orlosky
Part-time Instructor, Natural Science
Jennifer R. Paul, MS
Full-Time Instructor, Biology
Meng Rowland, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Mavra Saadat
Part-Time Instructor, Biology
Timothy P Savisky, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology
James J Sherin
Part-time Instructor, Engineering
Mark T Stauffer, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Charles P Stewart
Part-time Instructor, Physics
David Turnshek
Part-Time Instructor, Astronomy; UESP
Beth R Uhrinek
Part-Time Instructor, Mathematics
Marge Ulery
Instructor, Computer Science
Sharon B Ustazewski
Part-time Instructor, Computer Science
Garry Warnock
Part-time Instructor of Chemistry
William Weller
Part-time Instructor of Chemistry
Kathleen Williard
Part-Time Instructor, Physics
Thomas E Wolf, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science/Mathematics


Kelly Bradish
Reference/Public Services Librarian
Renee Kiner
Public Services Librarian

Student Services

Sheila Elaine Confer
Academic Village Coordinator; Part-Time Instructor, Theatre Arts

Media and Instructional Technology Services

Thomas Crowley
Technical Manager

Learning Resources Center

Lou Ann Sears, PhD
Director of Learning Resources Center; Assistant Professor, English