Gender Studies

15 credits (5 courses)

Students interested in Gender Studies may choose to pursue a minor either to supplement majors or to fulfill the requirements for a related area within their majors. Courses used for the Gender Studies minor may be used to satisfy requirements in the major or for General Education.

Printable Distribution of Credits Checklist


Complete five courses designated as Gender Studies courses. Current Pitt-Greensburg courses in which gender is a major focus include the following:

ANTH 1738 Gender Perspectives in Anthropology
CJ 1248 Women and Crime
ENGLIT 0360 Women and Literature
ENGLIT 1241 Jane Austen: Books and Film
ENGLIT 1248 Literature of Minority Women
ENGLIT 1701 Topics in Women's Studies
HIST 1565 Race and Gender in Latin America
HIST 1661 United States Women Since 1865
HA&A 0402 Women Artists, 1550-1980
PHIL 1340 Feminist Philosophy
PSY 1131 Gender and Mental Health
PSY 1110 Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality
THEA 0725 Women in Theatre

Other courses may be added to the list of designated courses. Check the current schedule of classes for updates.

Students may not select more than two courses from a single department and must include courses from two departments outside their majors. Students working on a Gender Studies minor will be encouraged to address gender issues in their capstone projects.

Each course for the Gender Studies minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better.