Children's Literature

The Children’s Literature certificate program offers a multi-disciplinary course of concentrated study in literature for children and adolescence that should be attractive to students in a variety of majors.The certificate may be earned with the successful completion of eighteen credits of designated coursework and the signed approval of the director of the certificate program. Completion of the certificate program provides students with advantages in both employment and graduate study.

The following courses will be required:

ENGLIT 1640 Literature for Children
ENGLIT 1647 Literature for Adolescents
ENGLIT 1645 Critical Approaches to Children's Literature

Students, in consultation with the director of the certificate program, will choose three courses from the following:

CLASS 0030 Mythology in the Ancient World
CLASS 1130 Classical Mythology and Literature
COMMRC 1146 Intercultural Communication
ENGLIT 1552 History of the English Language
ENGLIT 1572 Fantasy and Romance
ENGLIT 1649 Topics in Children's Literature
ENGCMP 1150 Grammar and Copy-editing
ENGWRT 1089 The Creative Process
ENGWRT 1060 Writing for Children and Young Adults
HIST 1005 Special Topics in History: History of American Childhood
PSY 0310 Developmental Psychology
PSY 0330 Experimental Child Psychology
PSY 0402 Experimental Learning
PSY 1001 Introduction to Educational Psychology

Courses offered on other Pitt campuses may be substituted with the approval of the director. Related courses offered in a given term may also be substituted by consent of the director of the program.
Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all coures used to fulfill requirements for the Children's Literature certificate.