Composition Research Award

Application Process

Creative Writing major at Pitt-Greensburg

1. Fill out an application cover sheet.

2. Submit a brief, 500-word, reflective essay describing your use of both library and non-library tools and resources throughout the research process.

  • How did you find background information on your topic?
  • What library tools and resources, either print or online, did you use?Students interacting with professor
  • Did you use any non-library tools or resources? If yes, how did you find and select them?
  • Did you consult a librarian for research help?
  • What did you learn about the research process? How will you incorporate that new knowledge into completing future assignments?

3. Please apply on-line using the form below. Please note: You may revise your paper before submitting it. If you do choose to revise any part of the paper, please indicate that on the application cover sheet.


1. The student must be enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

2. The paper must have been written for a Composition 2 course at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg during the Spring 2016, Summer 2016, or Fall 2016 terms.

3. The paper must be at least 1500 words. (If the original falls short of this, you may submit a revised version of the paper.)

4. The paper submitted to the Library will become the property of the Library, like a book donation. The student will retain ownership of the intellectual content.


Entries will be judged by a committee of both teaching and library faculty based on the following criteria:

1. A well-argued thesis statement supported by the appropriate use of a variety of sources.

2. The student’s ability to evaluate and select sources.

3.The student’s ability to effectively incorporate sources into their paper using summary, paraphrase, and quotation.

4.The student’s ability to cite sources in proper MLA format.

5. Although this is not a writing award, entries should be well-written, clear, and error-free.


February 15, 2017 for all eligible students

Apply Online