Manufacturing Management Certificate Program

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is pleased to present this new educational opportunity to the precision manufacturing industry of southwestern Pennsylvania. Precision manufacturing is an engine of economic growth and job creation in southwestern Pennsylvania. However, a shortage of appropriately skilled workers with competencies essential to high-growth industries, along with an aging workforce, combine to create a demand for programs that will increase the number of workers available to serve the manufacturing industry. The existing and future manufacturing workforce needs access to educational programs that will enable them to attain, maintain, or upgrade skills to adapt to changing workforce needs.

The content and the delivery format for Pitt-Greensburg’s Manufacturing Management Certificate Program are designed for working learners with technical training in manufacturing who have been identified by their employers candidates for future leadership roles.

Others who would benefit from this program include military veterans who would like to enhance their skills as well as displaced workers who would like to enter this sector of the workforce.

The content for the program is customized to provide the courses in management and related areas that are most relevant to current work experiences. The program is also designed so that the credits could be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in business management.

A component of the program would require participants who receive tuition reimbursement to agree to stay with their employer for a designated time period or become responsible for repayment of their educational costs. Please see your human resource department for details about your company’s educational benefits.


Note: STAT 1100 is a 4-credit course; all other courses are 3 credits.
General Education (7 credits)  
COMMRCxxxx Professional Communication
STAT 1100 Probability and Statistics for Business
Management Core (9 credits)  
MGMT xxxx Accounting for Managers
MGMT 1818 Management Science
MGMT 1820 Operations Management
Manufacturing Management Electives (Choose 3 courses for 9 credits)  
MGMT xxxx Quality Control
MGMT xxxx Supply Chain Management
MGMT xxxx Project Management
MGMT xxxx Organizational Behavior

Schedule & Charges (AT 2012-2013 Rates)

Using an immersion format, classes would meet one weekend (Friday and Saturday) a month. Students take two classes at a time and finish six or seven credits in four months.


1.Management Science

2. Statistics

7 credits @ $498/credit

Network fee @ $100

Meals* @ $64

Parking @ $40

Total: $3,690




1. Accounting for Managers

2. Operations Management

6 credits @ $498/ credit

Network fee @ $100

Meals* @ $64

Parking @$40

Total: $3,152


1. Professional communication

2. Supply Chain Management

6 credits @ $498/credit

Network fee @ $100


Parking @$40


Total:$3, 152

January- April

1. Project Management

2. Quality Control

6 credits @ $498/credit

Network fee @$100


Parking @$40


Total: $3,152


*A box lunch will be provided each day classes meet. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions when you register.

Class Schedule

Classes will be held once each month on a Friday and Saturday as indicated.

Students will take two classes at a time and finish six or seven credits in four months.



January 11 & 12

February 8 & 9

March 8 & 9

April 12 & 13

May 10 & 11

June 14 & 15

July 12 & 13

August 16 & 17

September 20 & 21

October 18 & 19

November 15 & 16

December 13 & 14

January 10 & 11

February 7 & 8

March 7 & 8

April 11 & 12

Steps To Apply:

  • Click here to apply
  • Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission. Choose
  • “Part-Time” under Enrollment Information.
  • Forward your final high school transcript or original GED score to Pitt-Greensburg’s Office of Admissions
  • Submit official transcripts for every post-secondary institution, college, or university you have attended.
  • Attach a $45 application fee, check, or money order payable to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. You may also use your credit or debit card to pay by phone.

Questions may be directed to:

Matthew Zidek, Admissions Counselor
  PH: 724-836-9880  Email:

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