Information Science

Information Science is concerned with the problem of managing, using, and communicating information to support decision making and with the task of finding the proper combination of people, procedures, and technology for the design of effective information systems.

Although the School of Information Sciences on the Oakland campus awards the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, students can complete all the course work for an Information Science major on the Greensburg campus.

Admission Requirement

Information Science students must apply for admission to the Information Science program once they have successfully earned 55 credits and a GPA of at least a 2.75. See an Advisor for details.

Information Science students must complete all major courses, related area courses, and skill and general education courses with a grade of a C or better.

Printable Program Sheet

Distribution of Credits

Bachelor of Science

45 credits

Core Management Courses 4 courses - 12 credits
Courses Title Credits
INFSCI 0010 Introduction to Information Systems and Society 3
INFSCI 0015 Data Structures and Programming Techniques 3
CS 0421 Programming Using Java 3
CS 0422 Advanced Programming Using Java 3
Additional Courses 4 courses - 12 credits
Courses Title Credits
INFSCI 1022 Database Management Systems 3
INFSCI 1024 Information Systems and Analysis 3
INFSCI 1044 Human Factors in System Design 3
INFSCI 1070 Introduction to Telecommunications and Networks 3
Elective Courses 3 courses - 9 credits  
Any INFSCI courses not used to fulfill another requirement may be taken as an elective. Possible electives include:
Courses Title Credit
INFSCI 1014 Graphics 3
INFSCI 1074 Introduction to Telecommunications and Networks 3
CS 0134 Web Site Design and Development  
Related Area 5 courses - 15 credits
Take five courses from a single department such as Management, Psychology, Communication, or Mathematics. Other departments in the Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Humanities may also be used as a related area.
Additional Requirements 1 course - 3 credits
Courses Title Credit
INFSCI 1038 Management of Information System OR 3
INFSCI 1080 Independent Study OR 1-3
INFSCI 1085 Internship 3