Spanish Major at Pitt-Greensburg

36 credits
Bachelor of Arts

The Spanish major provides a balanced combination of courses designed to strengthen written and spoken language skills, courses that offer a solid background in history, society, and politics, and courses that emphasize literary and cultural heritage. Students are strongly encouraged to spend one semester in Pitt-Greensburg’s exchange program with the University of Guanajuato or other Pitt study abroad programs.

Career Options

Course Descriptions

Printable Distribution of Credits Checklist

Printable Program Requirements Sheet

General Degree Requirements

Prerequisites up to 5 courses - 15 credits
Beginning Level
(Exemptions possible based on high-school record and placement testing)
Course Title Credits
SPAN 0041 Elementary Spanish 1 3
SPAN 0042 Elementary Spanish 2 3
SPAN 0043 Elementary Spanish 3 3
Intermediate Level
(Typical starting place for Spanish major with strong high-school preparation)
SPAN 0003 Intermediate Spanish 1 3
SPAN 0004 Intermediate Spanish 2 3
Foundation Courses 6 courses - 18 credits  
SPAN 0020 Conversation 3
SPAN 0025 Grammar and Composition 3
SPAN 0055 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 1 3
SPAN 1302 Advanced Composition and Stylistics 3
HIST 0501 Modern Latin America 3
HIST 1140 History and Culture of Spain 3
Advanced Courses
Following successful completion of the Foundation Courses, students must select an additional 15 credits of advanced courses fromt he following list:
SPAN 1321 Business Spanish I 3
SPAN 1331 Structure of Modern Spanish 3
SPAN 1400 Survey of Latin American Literature 3
SPAN 1403 Latin American Narrative 3
SPAN 1404 Latin American Topics 3
SPAN 1410 Cinema of the Hispanic World 3
SPAN 1450 Hispanic Legends 3
SPAN 1600 Survey of Spanish Literature 3
SPAN 1807 Hispanic Special Topics 3

Additional Requirement 1 course - 3 credits

After earning 90 credits, all Spanish majors must take SPAN 1950 Senior Capstone Seminar to fulfill the capstone class requirement.

Study Abroad

Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in a study abroad experience equivalent to six to twelve credits of work. Up to three study abroad courses will be counted as advanced courses within the Spanish major with a fourth used for a General Education requirement. Study abroad courses must be approved in advance by the Study Abroad Advisor.


Employment opportunities for graduates proficient in Spanish in the United States are driven by the ever-increasing size of the country’s Spanish-speaking population. Career opportunities for graduates with a B.A. in Spanish include business, banking, finance, industry, advertising, public relations, translation, interpreting, journalism, media relations, broadcasting, social services, education, law enforcement, government, agriculture, health care, travel industry, hospitality, insurance, food services, as well as clergy and other religious workers.