Behavior Analysis Coursework

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has recently developed coursework in Behavior Analysis to meet the increasing demand for evidence-based practice within Psychology. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.Ò has approved the following course sequence as meeting the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst ExaminationÒ. Applicants will have to meet additional requirements to qualify.

  1. PSY 0402: Experimental Learning
  2. PSY 1475: Applied Behavior Analysis
  3. PSY 1485: Advanced Behavior Analysis

Students are encouraged to begin the course sequence in the Fall semester of their sophomore or junior year. A tentative schedule is provided below along with course descriptions and prerequisites. You may also view the Approved Course Content Verification form by clicking here.

Prospective students who already hold a bachelor’s degree but are working in a career where behavior analysis is relevant may want to consider taking the new behavior analytic coursework. Anyone interested in enrolling at Pitt-Greensburg as a part-time student (11 credits or less) to take the behavior analysis coursework should contact Linda Smith, registrar, at 724-836-7188. Students also may apply on-line at, being sure to indicate on the application their desire to register as a part-time student.

PSY 402: Experimental Learning, 4 cr

A laboratory course offering an overview of principles of learning and behavior. Topics include Pavlovian and operant procedures, vicarious learning, generalization, and discrimination. Individual behavior modification project and lab report required. Prerequisites: PSY 0010. Proposed Schedule: Offered every Fall semester

PSY 1475: Applied Behavior Analysis, 3 cr

This course examines the extension of basic behavioral research to problems of social significance. Among the topics covered are the concepts and terminology of behavior analysis, ethical considerations, techniques for the collection and display of behavioral data, functional assessment of problem behavior, and the use of behavioral treatments to reduce problem behaviors and promote appropriate behaviors. Also surveyed are areas in which applied behavior analysis has been particularly successful, including autism, self-injurious behaviors, feeding disorders, and developmental disabilities. Prerequisites: PSY 001 and PSY 0402. Proposed Schedule: Offered every Spring semester

PSY 1485: Advanced Behavior Analysis, 3 cr

This course is an upper-level class in behavior analysis that expands on the learning principles and their applications covered in the prerequisite classes. Students will be exposed to methods of behavioral assessment, strategies for selecting intervention outcomes, behavior change procedures, systems supports, and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s (BACB’s) Guidelines for Responsible Conduct. Prerequisites: PSY 0010, PSY 0402 and PSY 1475. Proposed Schedule: Offered every Fall semester

For more information, please contact:

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