English Writing Minor

Students interested in English Writing with an emphasis in journalism, fiction, or creative nonfiction may choose to pursue a minor either to supplement the work in their majors or to fulfill the requirements for a related area within their majors. The minor in English Writing requires that students complete five three-credit courses for a total of 15 credits in addition to any English Writing courses chosen to fulfill the requirements under General Education.


Complete one or two of the following basic courses:

ENGWRT 0520 Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGWRT 0550 Introduction to Journalism
ENGWRT 0411 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Complete three or four additional ENGWRT courses. Students who have completed ENGWRT 0520 may select from:

ENGWRT 1010 Intermediate Fiction
ENGWRT 117 Short Story Workshop

Students who have completed ENGWRT 0550 may select from:

ENGWRT 1310 Newspaper I
ENGWRT 133 Magazine I
ENGWRT 1900 Internship: News

Students who have completed ENGWRT 0411 may select from:

ENGWRT 1390 Readings in Contemporary Nonfiction
ENGWRT 1410 Topics in Creative Nonfiction

Each course for the English Writing minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better.