Pitt-Greensburg graduates in regalia

A warm welcome to both our incoming freshmen & returning upperclassmen!

Have a great semester!

The Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony took place on April 30th,
with over 200 graduates participating.  

View photos from the ceremony!



Details for the 2017 Commencement Ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, April 29th, will be available at the end of the Fall semester/beginning of the Spring semester. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why didn’t I receive information about graduation? It is your responsibility to let the university know that you plan to graduate.  If you do not do this, we will not know to send you information.  See your academic advisor to apply. *An application to graduate is NOT an RSVP to participate in the commencement ceremony; they are two separate processes. 
  2. How many tickets can I request for the ceremony? This will be determined by the number of students who are graduating. Typically, for an outdoor ceremony, you will receive six tickets and for an indoor ceremony you will receive two or three tickets.
  3. When and how will I get the tickets? Tickets will be available for pickup a few weeks before the ceremony.  Tickets must be picked up in person.  In the case of students that are abroad, student teachers or August/December graduates, please email Sherra Moors or call 724-836-7743 to make arrangements.
  4. Can I get extra tickets? There is no guarantee that extra tickets will be available, but information will be sent to students via email and posted on the graduation website closer to the ceremony date. 
  5. Is the rehearsal mandatory? Anyone planning on participating in the ceremony should plan on attending the rehearsal. This will be your last chance to verify honors and name pronunciation. We will also go over how to line up, the processional, and recessional as well as steps for Legacy presenters.
  6. How long does the ceremony take? The ceremony typically lasts about 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending on the number of students participating in the ceremony.
  7. Where is the ceremony held? The ceremony will either be held on Ridilla Field (behind Millstein Library) or in the Chambers Hall gymnasium depending on the weather.  A message will be posted on Pitt Greensburg’s website and sent to the campus community on the Thursday before the ceremony letting everyone know where it will be held.  
  8. Where do I get my honors cords? You will receive your honors cords when you cross the stage at the commencement ceremony.
  9. Do I get anything for being in an honor society? Your honor society advisor will provide you with the appropriate regalia prior to the ceremony.
  10. How do I get my diploma? At the ceremony, you will receive your diploma cover. It will be empty.  Once your final semester grades are calculated, you will receive your diploma in the mail a few weeks after the semester ends.

Email and Mailing Address Changes:

If your mailing address has changed or will soon change, please be sure to contact Academic Advising at 724-836-9940.

Students who graduated in spring 2015 or later should visit Services for Alumni and set up their Pitt Alumni account to access the various services available to alumni.

All questions related to graduation can be directed to Sherra Moors at 724-836-7743 or .