History of Art & Architecture

"Art teaches nothing except the significance of life."  

Arthur Miller

The study of the history of art and architecture is really the study of ourselves and our own history.  Understanding visual cultures across the globe and through time provides a window to self-discovery and global understanding.

There are numerous opportunities for students interested in the visual arts at Pitt-Greensburg, both in and outside the classroom, such as internships at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.  The Visual Arts Society is a great way to get involved in the arts on campus.  VAS sponsors film series, the annual Fall Arts Trip, painting parties, a Spring Art Exhibit, visiting lectures, and more.  Click here to follow VAS on Facebook!


Click here for a full list of courses in the History of Art & Architecture taught at Pitt-Greensburg.  There is also an HA&A minor.


Course Rotation:

Every Fall semester:
HA&A 0010 Introduction to World Art

Every Spring semester: 
HA&A 0030 Introduction to Modern Art

Every Spring semester: 
HA&A 1015 Methods of Art History***

As needed:

HA&A 1901 HA&A Independent Study

HA&A 1903 HA&A Internship

HA&A 1955 Interdisciplinary Arts Capstone****


Additional Courses:

 Fall 2011:       

  • HA&A 0402 Women Artists, 1550-1980*
  • HA&A 0302 Renaissance Art*

 Spring 2012: 

  • HA&A 0350 Baroque Art*

 Fall 2012:       

  • HA&A 0150 Ancient Art*
  • HA&A 1300 Special Topics: Italian Art to 1400** 

 Spring 2013: 

  • HA&A 0225 Medieval Art*

*Prerequisite:  30 credits; previous HA&A recommended but not required
**Prerequisite: 60 credits; previous HA&A required
***Prerequisite:  60 credits; HA&A 0010 required
****Prerequisite:  90 credits and completion of all core requirements for Interdisciplinary Arts major