Pitt-Greensburg recruiting students for Manufacturing Management Program cohort

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is currently recruiting students for the second cohort in its newly announced Manufacturing Management Program. The first cohort began classes in January 2013.

Working closely with representatives from the precision manufacturing industry in southwestern Pennsylvania, Pitt-Greensburg developed the program to fulfill the industry’s need for educational programs that will enable the industry’s workforce to attain, maintain, or upgrade skills to adapt to changing needs.

“The Allegheny Conference on workforce needs in this region notes that the traditional dichotomy of college track vs. non-college is no longer a useful construct,” explained Sharon P. Smith, president of Pitt-Greensburg. “The reality is that a 21st century energy [sector] work force will not only require post-secondary education, but will need to remain in a continuous learning mode.

“We believe we can play an integral part in the success of this region by working closely with our industrial partners to provide training and skills that are most relevant to those emerging needs and in our signature personalized framework.”

Using an immersion format that will meet once each month on a Friday and Saturday, students enter as part of a cohort and take two classes at a time, completing six or seven credits every four months during a 16-month period. Courses include professional communication, probability and statistics for business, accounting for managers, management science, and operations management. Students will choose three of the following four courses to round out their experience: quality control, supply chain management, project management, or organizational behavior.

The content for this program is customized to provide courses in management and related areas that are most relevant to current work experiences. The program also is designed so that the credits earned could be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in business management. The schedule minimizes the time employees are away from their jobs while maximizing their learning experience.

This new educational opportunity is designed specifically for working learners who already have technical training in manufacturing and have been identified by their employers as candidates for future leadership roles. Others who would benefit from this program include military veterans who would like to enhance their skills as well as displaced workers who would like to enter this sector of the workforce.

A component of the program would require participants who receive tuition reimbursement to agree to stay with their employer for a designated time period or become responsible for repayment of their educational costs.

Various studies show that the precision manufacturing industry in southwestern Pennsylvania is experiencing a shortage of appropriately skilled workers with competencies essential to high-growth industries, along with an aging work force. These factors combine to create a demand for programs that will increase the number of workers available to serve the industry.

“US manufacturing is enjoying a renaissance,” noted A. David Tilstone, president of the National Tooling and Machining Association. “During the past two years, it has experienced one of its best growth periods in the past decade.”

Tilstone, who also serves as chairman of the Pitt-Greensburg Advisory Board, visits more than 100 precision manufacturing businesses annually. He sees and hears first-hand that the biggest problem facing the industry is finding and retaining skilled labor. The adoption of sophisticated new technology and new business systems in order to compete in the global economy is requiring this workforce to be highly trained in areas of machining as well as having an understanding of supply chain and project management, statistics, basic accounting, and operations management.

Employers and prospective students interested in participating in the program should contact Matthew Zidek, admissions counselor, at 724-836-9880 or mdz6@pitt.edu.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 2:30pm


The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is currently recruiting students for the second cohort in its newly announced Manufacturing Management Program. The first cohort began classes in January 2013.