Student Government

Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg's Student Government Association web site. Inside the site is all news and information regarding the SGA. For any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the site, please email us or check us out on twitter @gbgsga

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Student Government Association '16-'17

SGA President: Rob Pokora


Senate President: Sara McConnell
Senate Vice President: Gabbi Revenis
Senate Treasurer: Leigha Bucks
Senate Secretary: Paola Alvardo
Parliamentarian: Brandin Adams
Public Relations: Nichole Johnson

Trey Constable
Sim Waseer
Disha Patel
JD Little
Ryan Lynch

The Senate acts as the represenatives of the students. Their tasks include approving funds for clubs, making recommendations to the school administrators based on student feedback, and trying to improve conditions on the campus for the students. The Student Senate is overseen by the Senate President, Senate Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian and consists of a total membership of 22 students. 

Senate meetings occur every Tuesday at 11:45AM in the Village Hall 118.

House of Representatives

Speaker of the House:Katilin Schmidt                                           
Vice Speaker of the House: Carly Cardello
House Secretary: Katie Byers

The House is a place or repsentation for the clubs and organizaitons. Every registered group at the university sends a represenative to the meetings. The House is a place for these groups to be vocal about any issues they have and to open up channels of communication. The house is overseen by the Speaker Of The House, the Vice Speaker of The House, and Secretary.

House Meetings are held at Noon on the first Sunday of each month that we are in session.


Advisor: Al Thiel