What is an Internship?

An opportunity to gain hands on, real life experience within the field you are studying in or interested in. Consider this a chance to "test drive" your ideal career and explore your interests before graduating.

How do I find an Internship?

Step 1:

Schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator in Career Services to discuss:

  • Career skills & experience you hope to gain
  • Potential internship options & where to look
  • When you would like to complete an internship
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Where (location) you would like to find an internship
  • Whether an internship is unpaid or paid
  • Explore completing the internship for academic credit, this may also involve meeting with faculty from your major as well as your Academic Advisor
  • Revising your resume and writing a cover letter
  • Preparing for an interview

Step 2:

If for credit:

  • Potential internship options
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Whether to do an internship for credit (most internships are 3 credits, 120 hours)
  • Minimum GPA & other departmental requirements
  • Whether an internship/field experience is required for your major, profession or graduate school

If not for credit:

  • Be sure that the internship site permits non-credit internships
  • Arrange a meeting with the Internship Site Supervisor
  • Make arrangements for documentation of completion of internship (e.g. performance evaluation, letter of completion)

Have an Internship? Now what?

Step 1: Preparations

  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form if completing your internship for academic credit, otherwise this is not necessary (Obtain from Career Services-note this form may vary depending on your department)
  • Register for credit if applicable (if completing for credit) utilizing a Course Permisson Overrride Form signed by your faculty sponsor
  • Remember to be a good representative of the university during the internship. Also keep in mind you are building your own professional reputation!
  • Meet with the Site Supervisor to discuss:
  1. Responsibilities for the internship
  2. Expectations, company policies, dress code, hours, etc.
  3. The performance evaluation form (by the company and/or university)
  4. Requirements from your faculty sponsor, if completing for credit

Step 2: Final Steps of completion

  • Make sure all appropriate paperwork/assignments are complete
  • Complete evaluations as required by faculty and/or internship site
  • Add your internship experience to your resume
  • Kindly ask the Site Supervisor to be a reference

**Career Services does not approve internships or provide sponsorship. An internship completed for academic credit is at the approval of Academic Affairs and the corresponding department.

FOR EMPLOYERS:  Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Resources for your internship search

Pitt-Greensburg Internship Coordinator Kristen Stratton

Career Services Office: 219 Chambers Hall

Internship Coordinator, Kristen Stratton

- Personal contacts & departmental/faculty major contacts
- Pitt-Greensburg postings
- Pitt-Oakland postings: Handshake (accessible through your Pitt portal)
- Job Fairs can also include internship openings: Pitt-Greensburg; Pitt-Oakland; WestPACS, WANT
- Government postings

Career Resource Library: 218 Chambers Hall

Start planning early!

Freshman Year:

     Informational Interviewing-a discussion with a professional in your area of study

Sophomore Year:

    Shadowing-a brief period of observing a professional in your area of career interest

Junior Year or Senior Year:

    Internship/Co-Op/Field Experience-an experience gaining practical thinking and on the job skills

**Also, consider community service and volunteering every year! These are great resume builders.

Local volunteer resource:

Where have Pitt-Greensburg students interned?

Adelphoi Village, Psychology/Criminal Justice

CCL Technologies, Information Science

Chic-Fil-A, Marketing

Children's Hospital, Psychology

Excela Health, Management: Accounting

Fayette County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice

Hammil Manufacturing, Accounting

First Energy, Information Science

Gateway Newspapers, English Writing

Hempfield Area School District, Mangement: Information Systems

Pennsylvania Financial Consultants, Management: Accounting

Pitt-Greensburg Biology Department, Pre-Pharmacy

Pitt-Greensburg Center for Applied Mathematics, Mathematics

Rostraver Township, Political Science

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, Psychology

Rusnock Sports Performance & Fitness, Natural Science

Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services (SPHS), Psychology

Trustmont Group, Marketing

Westmoreland County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice

Westmorleand Casemanagement & Supports, Inc., Psychology, IT

Westmoreland Museum of American Art, English

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Management

**This is a condensed list of examples of places our students have interned. When students do not complete their internship for academic credit, we are not always made aware of the great experiences they have had since they do not go through the same procedures as someone completing one for academic credit. Our office receives new internship opportunities from employers and other resources weekly, so be sure to check in with us for any of the latest and stay up to date with our online posting system: We often are aware of more internship opportunities than there are students to fill them!

Internship Spotlight

Check out additional Internship Testimonials by major!

Antonia Rendina - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Antonia Rendina

Graduation Year: 2018

Major:  Criminal Justice

Hometown: Uniontown, PA

Hobbies: Babysitting, fitness, target shooting, DIY crafts, and reading

Campus Activities

Pitt Pal/Tour Guide, President of Criminal Justice Club

Future Plans: Becoming a Pennsylvania State Trooper

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police/ Intern

  • What were your duties?

To observe and ride along with the officers/detectives during their daily routine at work.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

Doing everything hands on. Not once did I sit at a desk and file paperwork. Every second of every day I was observing what the life of a police officer really is like.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

The one thing that was a little difficult for me was seeing the effect people had on their families, whether it was a crime they committed or that they lost their life. It is one thing seeing someone do something terible and it is hard to have sympathy for them. But when you see the pain they cause the people that love them, that is a whole different story. You will see the worst of the worst with this internship/profession and that is something you have to prepare yourself for.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Criminal Justice department prepare you for your internship?

My major definitely has given me a better outlook when working for the Pittsburgh Police. Everything I got to work with in my internship, I have previously learned in the classroom. Majoring in criminal justice/psychology has only helped me put words to a picture. You can learn something all you want, but when you actually observe it is when you truly understand it.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

My internship has prepared me for my career because it showed me what my life will really be like one day. I was not sheltered once in my internship from what really goes on in the police force and I loved that. Because in order to go into this profession, you need to understand what it is really like in real life and not just on the television shows.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

I recommend students to do an internship where they can see themselves actually working one day. An internship is only going to make you want to pursue that profession or totally turn you away. Either way you will get experience and learn what you want for your future.



Hannah Baker - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Hannah Baker

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Management- Supply Chain & Finance

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies: Exploring urban areas, water sports, and watching Eagles football

Campus Activities

OACS Treasurer, Community Assistant Westmoreland Hall

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Movers Specialty Service- Customer Care Associate/Intern

  • What were your duties?

-Contacting C- suite clients to ensure satisfaction with services

-Sending work order to vendors and collecting invoices for payment

-Dispatching nationwide technicians to inspect water/ gas leaks, and broken valuables

-Promptly responding by phone and/or e-mail to internal and external communications and potential issues or concerns regarding claims

-Tracking and confirming repair appointment schedules

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

My internship had a tradition called Ice Cream Fridays- and every Friday during the summer an intern would go around the office and give out free ice cream. It was a nice stress reliever and helped me meet people outside of my department.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

The most difficult aspect of my internship was striking the right balance between proving that I was a capable worker and not overstepping my boundaries. As the summer progressed I was given more responsibility by my supervisors as they became more comfortable with the work I was doing.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Management department prepare you for your internship?

I took the Excel class at UPG because many employers listed that as a skill they wanted interns to have a high level of expertise in.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

I learned what parts of the job I liked and disliked, and you can experience what the day to day activities of your major actually entail.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

To start applying early for internships (I had to apply to over 40)

Attend all networking & career services events that you can


Alexandra (Alex) Berger - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Alex Berger

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Acme, PA

Hobbies: Reading & Drawing

Campus Activities: President of Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu secretary, Campus Alliance for Free Thought member

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Westmoreland Case Management (WCSI)/ Behavioral Health Intern

  • What were your duties?

I did a lot of fieldwork, shadowing targeted case managers and traveling into the community with them. I really enjoyed being directly involved and getting to see what a potential job after graduation is like.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I met a lot of wonderful people who were very helpful answering any questions that I had. Many people offered me their contact information in case I had questions in the future, too. The best part, though, was seeing the case managers making an actual difference in people’s lives that truly needed help, and were grateful to receive it.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

Being a case manager isn’t an easy job. Often, people cancel their appointments at the last minute. Another difficult part of the internship was going into people’s homes that live differently than I do.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Psychology department prepare you for your internship?

Dr. Jessica Everly is the Psychology internship supervisor, and she is absolutely wonderful. She recommended WCSI to me and helped me every step of the way. Also, a lot of the classes that I have taken in my time at Pitt proved to be helpful, such as Psychology Career Planning Seminar and Clinical Psychology.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

Before doing this internship, I had no idea what to expect when entering the job market. I was also on the fence about whether I should go on to receive my Master’s degree or not, and now I am sure of what I want to do, and what type of job I want to have.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

Everyone should do an internship. It is extremely eye opening and looks great on a resume. I also suggest taking a Career Seminar, especially if you are unsure about what you want to do after finishing school. Find out who the intern supervisor is for your major, and schedule to meet with them to discuss your options.


Nicole Tumminello - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Photo of Nicole Tumminello

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: Biological Science

Hometown: Allison Park, PA

Hobbies: Hiking, Birdwatching, Cooking, and Pressing Flowers

Campus Activities: None

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Wildlife Works Inc. / Wildlife Rehabilitator Intern

  • What were your duties?

My duties included everything from feeding, cleaning and medicating the wildlings while assisting other volunteers.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

During my time here, I had an amazing time working in close proximity with raptors and other birds. It was a breathtaking experience to hold, handle and care for wild hawks, owls and even an American Bald Eagle.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

One of the most difficult aspects of wildlife rehabilitation is that not every animal can be saved. There are times when a critter is too sick or injured and must be humanely euthanized.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Biology department prepare you for your internship?

Environmental classes that I have taken at Pitt, especially through the University Of Pittsburgh Laboratory Of Ecology in Pymatuning, has shaped me into a field biologist and further empowered my passion for wildlife and conservation.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

Through my internship, I was able to come in contact with a variety of wild animals. This has helped me gain experience with identifying creatures and recognizing their environmental impact while learning how to administer proper care.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

It is never too early to think about completing an internship. The connections and practical experience you gain is worth every second. Pursue your passions and help the world!