Pitt to the Power of One

Student in Pitt sweatshirt on stairsFor nearly a decade, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has been inviting prospective students to “discover themselves...discover their world.” As the campus continues to grow and change, adding new programs and initiatives while holding strong to the hallmarks of a quality Pitt-Greensburg education, it became clear that our brand was changing. After significant marketing research consisting of in-depth interviews with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as community partners, our new brand — Pitt to the Power of One — emerged.

Pitt to the Power of One represents our promise to every student, family, and stakeholder that we will pay close attention, respond to their needs, and inspire the extra effort often required to achieve greatness. Pitt to the Power of One speaks to our defining character and to a model of education we have designed for the 21st century. It’s an education with a built-in bias for action and incentives to re-think digital learning, create signature programs, and thread interdisciplinary and experiential elements into a strong liberal arts  experience. Each student, faculty, and staff is fueled by the Power of One to make individual contributions to this dynamic model of education.

Chemistry student in gogglesOur brand builds on the well-known Pitt name, yet distinguishes Pitt-Greensburg from all the other campuses in the larger University of Pittsburgh system. It’s a brand that highlights the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit we expect in our faculty and staff, affirms the affinity our alumni have with the campus, and appreciates the relationship we enjoy with our community partners and the Pittsburgh campus. An authentic brand is one that has always been there, alive and well in our everyday actions. We believe that our authentic brand is expressed through the various stories that can be told through the lens of Pitt to the Power of One: The Power of One Person, The Power of One Idea, The Power of One Dream, The Power of One University.

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