Center for the Digital Text

Student seated using laptop

The Center for the Digital Text was established in 2014 as the central hub for digital humanities research and teaching at Pitt-Greensburg. Our representative faculty members are committed to bringing our academic strengths in critical analysis, communication, rhetoric, aesthetics, and historical research to our understanding of computation and digital media, even as we use such tools to enhance the study of human culture.

The CDT is the institutional home for the Certificate in Digital Studies at Pitt-Greensburg. Any interested students can learn more and are encouraged to reach out to current director, Dr. Sean DiLeonardi, to obtain more information about the program.

In practice, the CDT realizes its goals by supporting the study of contemporary subjects, from video games and social media to artificial intelligence. At the same time, the Center aids students and faculty in acquiring digital literacy skills, including text analysis, coding, data visualization, network modeling, digital mapping, web development, and digital storytelling (including audio/video editing, production, and podcasting).

In addition to maintaining the digital studies curriculum, the CDT also supports opportunities for all members of the Pitt-Greensburg community.

For students, this includes undergraduate Research Assistantships to work on digital projects and gain direct digital research experience.

For faculty, this has involved support for digital projects, teaching demonstrations with digital tools, and the CDT acting as an institutional sponsor of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), allowing us to send faculty to participate in week-long courses at the University of Victoria to learn digital methods.

For the broader community, the CDT also hosts extracurricular events and programming, enabling Pitt-Greensburg to maintain connections with other academic institutions focused on digital methods or skills, including those at other Pitt campuses.