Winter Session 2020

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Our campus will offer 10 remote learning classes during its new Winter Session that will run from December 7, 2020, through January 15, 2021. The classes are open to students from all Pitt campuses and will be taught in an asynchronous format. This format means that the class is not bound to a particular time or location, including both the course content and assessments, leaving it up to the students when they participate. Students will have to follow class guidelines and meet key deadlines.

The Winter Session was developed with student success in mind. A Winter Session class can help students get ahead in credits, spread out their credit load between Winter Session and regular spring term classes, or catch up on credits by making up a class.

Financial Aid Information

Tuition for Winter Session is incorporated with the spring term. If a student’s total credits for Winter Session and Spring 2021 combined are less than 12 credits, they will be charged tuition on a per-credit basis plus part-time fees; if you are enrolled for 12-18 credits, you will be charged flat rate tuition plus full-time fees; and if you are enrolled for more than 18 credits, you will be charged flat rate tuition plus per-credit tuition for credits in excess of 18. You can use the optional spring 2021 payment plan for your combined Winter Session and spring term charges.

Financial aid disbursement, credit balance refunding, and the due date are the same as spring term:

  • Financial aid disbursement begins January 10
  • Refunding of credit balances begins January 11
  • The due date is February 1

Students wishing to certify GI Bill benefits for the Winter Session must contact their assigned School Certifying Official prior to enrolling in classes.


Pitt-Greensburg Winter Session classes will be open to students from the all Pitt campuses. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss their options. Enrollment will open by Monday November 16th. Classes begin December 7th. Classes with less than 10 students enrolled, may be canceled.


Course Number Course Name Class Reference Number
COMMRC 0520 Public Speaking 33027
CS 0098 Decision Making with Excel 33031
ENGCMP 0020 English Composition 2 33026
PEDC 0261 Introduction to Wellness (1 credit) 33034
PHIL 0080 Introduction to Philosophical Problems 33028
NATSC 0050 Natural Science 1 33030
PS 0200 American Politics 33032
PSY 0010 Introduction to Psychology 33035
SA 0130 Foundation Drawing 33029
SOC 0010 Introduction to Sociology 33033

Key Dates and Deadlines

Monday, December 7, 2020: Classes begin

Wednesday December 9, 2020: Add/Drop Deadline

January 4, 2021: Monitored Withdrawal Deadline

January 15, 2021: Classes end

Tuesday, January 19, 2021: Grades due


For more information, students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor or stop by the Zoom drop-in office hours (Monday - Friday, 12-1pm).

Winter Session Fact Sheet