Customized Interdisciplinary Majors

30-48 credits
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Pitt-Greensburg offers students the opportunity to create their own individualized majors. If a student's interests do not match any of our existing majors, it may be possible to craft an interdisciplinary major that draws on courses from several departments.  Successful customized majors are more than a collection of classes. They reflect a theme that gives a rationale or coherency to the choice of classes.

 Examples of customized majors:

  1. Business and Spanish
  2. Economics and Statistics
  3. Philosophy and Politics
  4. Anthropology,  Psychology, and Sociology
  5. General Sciences
  6. Database, Web Site Design, and Statistics

Structure of a Customized Major

Area major in Humanities, Natural Sciences or Social Sciences

  • Choose three disciplines within Humanities, Natural Sciences or Social Sciences
  • Take five or six courses in one of the chosen disciplines and three or four courses in each of the other two disciplines for a total of 12 courses
  • Complete an appropriate capstone project
  • Earn at least a C- in each course for an area major                   
  • Consult with your academic advisor
  • Declare an area major by start of junior year
  • Graduate with a BA in Humanities, BA in Social Sciences or a BS in Natural Sciences depending on the choice of area

Self-Designed Major

  • Make a more flexible selection of courses that may cross divisional boundaries, but must differ substantially from an existing Pitt-Greensburg major
  • Complete between 30 and 48 credits that include courses from more than one department as well an appropriate capstone course
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in each course selected for the self-designed major
  • Work with faculty sponsors to develop a plan of studies
  • Submit the plan for approval  (see outline below) by the Vice President for Academic Affairs by the end of the sophomore year
  • Graduate with a BA or BS in the Self-Designed major

General Degree Requirements

Printable Program Requirement Sheet