Secondary Ed: Course Sequence Maps

Becoming an educator

When you begin your education, you are considered a pre-service teacher and must demonstrate behavior appropriate to the profession.  There are particular state requirements, which include solid dispositions and a high GPA. It is very important to start with a strong GPA and maintain it throughout your college career.

Your first year will include Social Foundations, our introductory education course. During this course, you will begin to gain an understanding of 7-12 grade students by spending time in the field. Thereafter, you will build on that experience, gaining additional information and skills in Strategies and Early Field courses.

Secondary Education majors may earn a dual major in their discipline and Education (e.g., English Literature and English education). This can be accomplished by taking approximately one additional semester of classes.

Secondary Education/Biology Focus

Secondary Education/Chemistry Focus

Secondary Education/English Literature Focus

Secondary Education/English Writing Focus

Secondary Education/History Focus

Secondary Education/Mathematics Focus

Secondary Education/Political Science Focus