Our Students, Our Alumni, Our Program

Our Students

Students are encouraged to not only excel in the classroom but also in the university community and beyond. Political Science majors have held top positions in the Student Government Association (SGA), honor societies, the Academic Village, and other campus organizations. Several recent SGA Presidents have been Political Science majors.
Our students have also excelled outside of the university. Recent students and alumni have held internships

  • with US Senators and Representatives
  • in local law firms
  • in local and state government
  • with county and state political party organizations

Our program stresses the importance of both academic work and experience.

But it isn’t just local! Our Political Science students have studied across the globe through Pitt-Greensburg scholarships and our other programs. Recently, students have studied abroad in China, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, India, and Egypt. Our students are engaged in understanding and participating in global politics. In all, our students have many opportunities to build a record of academic excellence, leadership, experience, and civic involvement.

Our Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to great things such as law school, graduate school, military service, and successful careers in both the public and private sectors.

Our Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Norman W. Scanlon, Emeritus Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Scanlon earned a B.A. from St. Vincent College and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Scanlon began his career at UPG in 1968 with an appointment to the political science faculty. He served as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (1985-1990), Vice President for Academic Affairs (1991-2000), Interim President of UPG (December 1996-September 1997), Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs (June 2003-June 2006) and the Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Division (June 2006- June 2008). Dr. Scanlon retired from Pitt-Greensburg in 2009 and is now an Emeritus faculty member.

Dr. Carl F. Poke, Emeritus Professor of Political Science

The late Carl F. Poke played a key role in developing outstanding academic programs at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. After earning three degrees from Pitt—a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in political science—Poke became one of the first academic leaders at Pitt-Greensburg. Dr. Poke left Millersville State College after he was named assistant to the president and instructor in political science at Pitt-Greensburg in 1963. A native of Pittsburgh, Dr. Poke attended the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University. During his 40 years at Pitt-Greensburg, Poke served as director of admissions and student aid and dean of academic affairs, and he was instrumental in initiating the first four-year degree programs offered there. His enthusiasm for political science as well as his belief that administrators should remain connected to students prompted him to teach political science classes throughout his administrative career. He returned to teaching full-time in 1991 and earned the status of Emeritus Professor of Political Science when he retired in December 2005. He received the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004.

An enthusiastic world traveler, Poke encouraged students to study abroad and made a financial commitment to helping them do so by underwriting international travel experiences with gifts he made to the University, as well as through a generous bequest to the Carl A. Poke and Florence R. Poke Endowed Fund for Student Travel. His passion for film also inspired another generous bequest, one that established the Carl F. Poke Endowed Fund for the Millstein Library in support of the Pitt-Greensburg library’s film collection and the purchase of audiovisual equipment. Dr. Poke retired from Pitt-Greensburg in 2005 as an Emeritus Professor of Political Science. Dr. Poke passed away in February 2009.