Psychology Major with Clinical/Counseling Concentration

Two students walking on campus

38-39 credits
Bachelor of Science

The Clinical/Counseling Concentration will help you stand out among other candidates for jobs or for graduate school.

This specialization is useful for conducting a variety of psychological interventions and assessments. Our program will prepare you for a careers such as:

  • • Therapist Support Specialist
  • • Case Manager
  • • Crisis Worker
  • • Behavior Analyst
  • • Counselor
  • • Social Worker

The Clinical/Counseling concentration also benefits students interested in attending graduate school for:

  • clinical psychology
  • marriage and family therapy
  • drugs and alcohol counseling
  • social work

The concentration is embedded within the Psychology major and requires no extra classes outside the major. Certain core courses and electives within the major are specified for the clinical concentration.

Please contact Dr. Russ Phillips if you are interested in the Clinical/Counseling Concentration.