Swanson School of Engineering

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In addition to its own baccalaureate programs, Pitt-Greensburg offers opportunities for students to complete one of Pitt’s 100+ undergraduate majors by relocating to Pittsburgh or another Pitt campus after the successful completion of several terms. Students considering this option work closely with their Academic Advisor to remain on track with the relocation requirements listed below. Most importantly, no matter which campus you start or finish at, your degree will say the University of Pittsburgh!

Relocation Requirements

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Engineering students complete the freshman engineering curriculum at Pitt-Greensburg and then relocate to either the Swanson School of Engineering (Pittsburgh campus) or the Engineering program at the Johnstown campus.

To be eligible for relocation, students must fulfill the following: (1) completion of 34 credits at Pitt Greensburg with a minimum GPA of 3.0, (2) completion of all first-year engineering courses listed below with no grade less than C, and (3) the presentation of a satisfactory high school record with respect to selection of courses and test results. Bioengineering maintains an entrance standard GPA of 3.5.

MATH 0220, 0230  Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 and 2
CHEM 0110, 0120  Chemistry for Engineers 1 and 2
PHYS 0174, 0175  Basic Physics for Science and Engineering 1 and 2
ENGR 0015 Engineering Analysis
ENGR 0016  Introduction to Engineering Computing
ENGR 0081, 0082  Freshman Seminar 1 and 2
ENGCMP 0010 English Composition 1
ENGCMP 0020  English Composition 2

In order to complete the freshman engineering curriculum in two semesters, students must be eligible to take calculus in the first semester. Engineering students who do not place in calculus should consider taking prerequisite math classes during the summer or plan to enroll in courses in the summer following their freshman year or remain at Pitt-Greensburg through their sophomore year.