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Class Agents Program

Nine Pitt-Greensburg alumni

Purpose: To represent a graduating class as an agent in fostering relations with Pitt-Greensburg alumni. Upon graduation Class Agents continue to represent their class as an active member of the PGAA.

Two Class Agents are selected each year. Any graduating senior is eligible to apply. A full description of Class Agent duties/responsibilities can be found here.

Submit a 2021 Class Agent form.

Year Agent Agent
2022 Caitlin Kavulick Samantha Lemley
2021 Marie Citrano Mya Cole
2020 Alexis Hepler Kendra Moxon
2019 Adali Deiss Danielle Smith
2018 Amanda Girdwood Mallory Oates
2017 Jake Hartman Kaitlyn Schmidt
2016 Cassandra Foradori Noel Saraceno
2015 Mavra Saadat Emily Stark
2014 Scott Szypulski Brittany Turley
2013 Jonathan Fischer Zach Weisner
2012 Nancy Shaw  
2011 Katelyn Sadler  
2010 Andrew Goodman Amanda Zacur
2009 Alyson Galentine Diane (Williams) Hasbrouck
2008 Janine Pawlowski, Lisa Rendos Chad E. Smith
2007 Michelle Hammond Amy Rhodes, Megan Walsh
2006 Jihan Allay Matthew Byers
2005 Clifford Hughes Melissa (Brandt) Marion
2004 Brian Root  
2003 Steven Barbery  
2001 Jana Valentine  
2000 Eric J. Kocian, PhD  
1999 Gina (Giallonardo) Coppula Troy Ross
1998 Rebecca L. Calisti, Esquire Terri (Capellman) Christensen, Roslyn Ciacco-Karstedt
1997 Tanya Conde  
1996 Anna Peagler Autumn Power
1995 Dorene Brooks Miller  
1994 Melissa Blystone Karen Plecenik
1992 Caroyln Pardi  
1991 Anita Brak Joan Enlow Smeltzer
1990 Daniel Luther Michelle Dohey Wile
1989 Rebecca Bouille Jerry Marshall
1987 Robert Armstrong  
1984 Janice Ickes  
1982 Donna Marie Surace  
1980 Carol Weaver Foti