Weddings at Campana Chapel

Campana Chapel front view

Looking for a wedding venue? Consider holding your ceremony in the Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center. Built in 2007, this beautiful, non-denominational facility accommodates 172 guests and is open to the community.  Wedding parties with a University affiliation, including:

  • current students
  • faculty
  • staff
  • Advisory Board members
  • alumni of any Pitt campus

as well as members of the community with no University affiliation, are welcome.

To request more information about reserving the chapel or to check availability of dates, please contact Conferencing Services via e-mail.

 We are now accepting inquiries for Fall 2023  and 2024 dates. 

Chapel Photos

  • Campana Chapel side view
  • Campana chapel side view
  • Campana chapel stage
  • Campana Chapel front view
  • Campana Chapel aisle view
  • Campana Chapel seats view
  • Campana Chapel stained glass view
  • Campana Chapel front window view

Wedding view at Campana Chapel