Bachelor of Science
Teaching Certificate

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has granted Secondary Education with the highest level of approval for programs of its kind.

Teacher candidates wishing to teach middle school and high school choose this educational track. Secondary candidates can opt to earn a dual major by completing additional classes in their content area during additional semesters.
Classes focus on:

  • pedagogy, assessment, and management of students;
  • teaching diverse students;
  • in-depth content knowledge in a chosen discipline

Teacher candidates can choose from five program content areas:  biology, chemistry, English (literature or writing focus), mathematics, or social studies (history or political science focus).

If desired, students can earn a dual major or additional "value added" minors with just one additional semester. Freshmen in our program are in the field with K-12 students during their freshman year and continue to be involved with K-12 students throughout their time at Pitt-Greensburg, allowing for greater experience and classroom readiness.

Secondary Education - Biology

Biology EIGHT semester course sequence map

Biology TEN semester course sequence map

Secondary Education - Chemistry

Chemistry EIGHT semester course sequence map

Chemistry NINE semester course sequence map

Secondary Education - English

Students desiring to teach English will choose either an English Literature or English Writing focus.

English Literature Focus

English Literature EIGHT semester course sequence map

English Literature NINE semester course sequence map

English Writing Focus

English Writing EIGHT semester course sequence map

English Writing NINE semester course sequence map

Secondary Education - Mathematics

Mathematics EIGHT semester course sequence map

Mathematics NINE semester course sequence map

Secondary Education - Social Studies

Students desiring to teach Social Studies will choose either an History or Political Science focus.

History Focus

History EIGHT semester course sequence map

History NINE semester course sequence map

Political Science Focus

Political Science EIGHT semester course sequence map

Political Science NINE semester course sequence map


The Pitt-Greensburg Advantage

Pitt-Greensburg faculty are dedicated to molding the next generation of teachers through the most innovative teaching strategies that will focus on relevant content areas. Building upon successful volunteer programs and strong involvement with local schools,Pitt-Greensburg provides a solid foundation for you to become an experienced teacher.

  • Valuable hands-on experience in the field beginning your freshman year
  • Volunteer programs at local schools provide valuable experiential knowledge
  • Innovative classes bridge theory and practice
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Personalized attention from professors at a world renowned university
  • Strong emphasis on science and math
  • Receive degree and teaching certificate in four years

Students who graduate from our program will earn their Pennsylvania Teaching certification. This certification is well-respected throughout the United States and is reciprocal in many states. Currently, Pitt-Greensburg Education alum are teaching in Pennsylvania (including Greensburg Salem Schools, Ligioner, Washington, and others) Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona. Highly qualified teachers are in demand around Pennsylvania and around the country.


SPSEA (Student Pennsylvania State Education Association)

Mission: Student PSEA is a pre-professional student association dedicated to advancing leadership skills and professional development amongst future educators across the Commonwealth. Our focus is to enhance communications and relations with our membership, the PSEA, and the community as a whole.

Education majors join the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA) as a means of obtaining professional development through workshops and K-12 programs. SPSEA also provides members with $1 million liability coverage.

More Pitt-Greensburg SPSEA Information (below)

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Volunteering is a great way to gain the experience you need to be prepared in the classroom. Pitt-Greensburg offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to fit you interest and schedule.

Lunch Buddies
Student volunteers serve as Big Brothers or Big Sisters to elementary students. Volunteers meet with the elementary students at Hutchinson Elementary School for a 1/2 hour lunch one time per week to serve as a mentor.

MARCH: Math and Reading Comprehension Help

College students tutor small groups of students in grades 6, 7, & 8 at Greensburg-Salem Middle School for one afternoon per week. They assist students using a reading comprehension computer program, review concepts previously studied in class, aid students in studying/completing homework assignments, and mentor students in the use of good study habits.

Read for LIFELong Learning
This reading enrichment program is designed to enhance reading and comprehension skills of elementary students at Hutchinson and Nicely Elementary Schools. Pitt-Greensburg tutors choose books to help students Learn new things, Identify with others, Frequently visit new places, and Entertain themselves as they become LIFElong learners.

First Base Tutoring
The school-based mentoring program is sponsored by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization of Westmoreland County. In this program, Pitt-Greensburg students tutor/mentor elementary students in grades 3, 4, & 5 from Hutchinson Elementary School.

Happy Feet, Healthy Hearts
This after school fitness program at Nicely Elementary School introduces students to aerobic exercise and promotes a healthier living style. This is a fitness dance workout run by the Greensburg Aerobic Center. Pitt-Greensburg students will work out with the elementary students, providing motivation and modeling healthy behaviors.

Jeannette JAYS

In this afterschool program at Jeannette Middle School, college students have the opportunity to mentor sixth through eighth grade students, design lessons in academic and non-academic areas for whole or small groups, read with students individually or in small groups, assist students in organizational skills, especially homework planning, and work with a wide variety of students in terms of academic level.


On-line Resources


Mission of SPSEA

Student PSEA is a pre-professional student association dedicated to advancing leadership skills and professional development amongst future educators across the Commonwealth. Our focus is to enhance communications and relations with our membership, the PSEA, and the community as a whole.


Two meetings are held monthly: The second Tuesday of the month and the last Wednesday of the month. All meetings are held in Powers Hall 115 from noon until 12:45.



  • Activities Fair
  • SPSEA Kick-off meeting
  • Town Hall Meeting about the Education Program


  • Trip to Washington DC
  • SPSEA Social
  • Hallow-Boo Halloween Carnival


  • College Day

Club Officers

President  Dale Osselborn
Vice-President Lauren Fawcett
Business Manager        Kayla Anthony
SPSEA Advisor

Dr. Melissa Marks

Jeanne Moore

Club Chairpeople

Early Childhood/PAEYC Molly Burdette
Secondary Chair  Kate Komenda
Freshman Recruitment Chair Kevin Scrima
Sophomore Recruitment Chair Tyler Johnson
PACE John Delancey and Scott Balzer
APEX Chairs

Chelsea Knetzer

Hallow-Boo Chair Bethany Moffitt
Jingle Jamboree Chair Corey Funk
Fundraising Chair Nathan Fencil
Special Education

 Mimi Macarelli

Co-chairs: Jessica Janczewski
               Mary Catherine Shimko


Pictures from SPSEA Events

Minutes from SPSEA meetings

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