The STAR Program

The “You Make the Difference” program has been reconceived with the advice of the Staff Association and of the Director of Human Resources.  The new program, like the old, facilitates personal recognition of special efforts and achievements of individual staff members who have demonstrated exceptional service or accomplishment, or have made significant contributions to attain and support a positive work environment.  In the new program, these acknowledgments will be shared with the staff member being recognized and that staff member’s supervisor, but no numerical count will be made of the acknowledgments received by each staff member.  To symbolize, this break with past practice, The Staff Association proposed and Dr. Smith agreed that the new program should be called “The STAR Program” for “Special Thanks and Recognition.”  All staff are eligible and any member of the community may designate a staff member as a “STAR" recipient.  The criteria include but are not limited to:

  • A cumulative effort resulting in the achievement of a special goal or project
  • Establishing and/or making special efforts to recognize exceptional rapport and working relationships
  • Making special efforts to recognize excellence in others
  • Contributing to a positive work environment
  • Inspiring others to do their best
  • Leading by example
  • Special efforts committed to a project or activity
  • Consistent demonstration of positive interpersonal relationships which support the multidimensional  composition of the Greensburg campus
  • Contributing to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment

If you wish to designate a “STAR recipient,” please complete and submit the form below:

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