Perkins Loan

Federal Perkins Loan: What is it?

A subsidized loan with a fixed 5% interest rate which students begin to repay nine months after graduating or dropping below half-time enrollment. Pitt-Greensburg is given a limited amount of funds from the federal government and will be disbursed on a "first come - first serve basis" to qualifying students.

Who qualifies?

Students who have completed the FASFA, enrolled full-time, and have financial need; cost of attendance - EFC = financial need.

How much can I borrow?

The Range of Award is $500 - $5500 per year.

How do I apply?

Borrowers must complete the FAFSA, the Perkins Master Promissory Note, and the Entrance Counseling Interview. First time recipients will be notified via their Pitt e-mail account how to sign their promissory note and complete entrance counseling using their Department of Education PIN number so that funds can be credited to their account. If a student does not have a Department of Education PIN  number he/she will need to go to and get one to complete this process. If selected, all Verification forms must be submitted.