October Residents of the Month

Pitt-Greensburg's Office of Residence Life has announced the October Residents of the Month.

The Community Assistants (CAs) from each residential area select the Residents of the Month. When selecting the Residents of the Month, CAs are asked to consider the department's three main learning goals: community, engagement, and respect.

The program showcases residents who have been a positive influence the community, have become engaged on campus, and show respect to their fellow residents and the residence halls. The CAs are asked to select residents that who demonstrated a commitment to these goals.

Congratulations to the October Residents of the Month:

Aliçia Anderson – Athena House

Aliçia’s positivity radiates to those around her. She is constantly out and about in the house talking to other people. According to her CA, “I have never seen Aliçia without a smile on her face.” Aliçia is also very helpful to her CA--she always offers to help set up and clean up for programs. She also makes sure our flyers are ordered by date to make them look nice.

Maria Bardis – Robertshaw Hall

Maria is frequently visible in Robertshaw Hall; always up for a game, a movie night, or a late night chat at the front desk. Maria often attends a resident “family dinner” night in the dining hall and has co-planned programs with a few CAs this year.

Chris Bickert – Westmoreland Hall

Chris lives his daily life in a way that exemplifies the residential curriculum: Community, Engagement, Respect. Every resident that encounters Chris, whether at a program or in the laundry room, is susceptible to hear one of his many light-hearted jokes or comments. He brings excitement and positive energy to every room that he enters and every program that he attends. Chris is a member of the Bowling Club, and is constantly inviting residents of Westmo to join in on the fun. Chris also worked as a student volunteer assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team this fall—volunteering countless hours to the betterment of the group (many of which reside in Westmo). He is an invaluable presence in Westmo and an asset to his CA, with whom he has co-planned several events (a few forthcoming).

Amelia Braggs - College Hall

Amelia is on the soccer team here at Pitt-Greensburg, and even though that takes up a lot of her time, she is still very present in College Hall. She regularly attends programs and spends time at the duty desk. Amelia co-planned a Movie Trivia program with CA Mike, and he appreciated her help and enthusiasm. She does everything that she does with a smile and positive attitude!

Tristan Cox – Robertshaw Hall

Tristan is an excellent role model when it comes to working hard towards academic success. He is committed to his studies and very enthusiastic about helping other people to understand; particularly in regards to science. He was very involved in the planning and implementation of the Hall-o-Ween program in Robertshaw Hall.

Shannon Fonzi – Apollo House

Shannon is the Apollo House ROM because she is the president of the Health & Rehab Sciences Club on campus and was very excited when it came to co-planning the Orbeez Stress Balls program with her CA, Marissa. Additionally, Shannon is always welcoming to her CA and other fellow residents.

Maliha Haq – University Court

According to the staff, Maliha has been a solid contributor to the UC community in a variety of ways during the month of October. She regularly visited with and assisted the Community Assistants throughout the month. She attended numerous programs and was the only resident to fully and correctly solve the October bulletin board challenge. She also attends other activities on campus and even encourages others to come along, as well.

Jamie Henry – Franklin House

Jamie is a very active member of the Franklin community. She helped plan a program to decorate for Halloween and is always very enthusiastic. As well as being active in the house, she is very active around campus with RSC and Spanish club. Overall Jamie is a very integral part of the Franklin House. 


Andrew Schramm – University Court

Andrew has been a regular contributor to activities and programs in the University Court during October. His contributions include assisting with the Hall-o-Ween campfire program and regularly participating in other CA programs occurring in the UC.  He is a regular presence in the Rec Room and community, often stopping by to say “hello” to the CAs.

Jané Shelton – Westmoreland Hall

Jané is a Junior psychology major and resident of the OACS Community and the larger Westmoreland Community. We would like to acknowledge Jané for her community-minded efforts in attending all seven of her CAs programs this semester as well as being the Westmoreland cheerleader at Hall Olympics. You will often find Jané engaging with residents of other residence halls, bringing her witty humor and understanding nature to her weekly visits to CA duty nights. Jané is also Vice President of the Dance Team and will begin making appearances at home Bobcat basketball games.


Jessica Smith – Selene House

Jess has a great personality and a positive mindset. Even after her full workload and new internship, she still finds time to be at her CA’s programs and help out whenever someone needs something. Jess genuinely takes time to talk with her CA and always has everyone’s best interest in mind.

Haley Stonebraker – Mead House

Haley is a positive and considerate member of the Mead community. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help anyone in need. Haley excels academically and is incredibly involved on campus. Given Haley's kind and compassionate personality, as well as her dedication to her academics and campus community, Haley is the perfect candidate for ROM.

Imani Thompson – Marshall House

Imani recently co-planned a program with her Community Assistant and she loved helping! She always offers to help set up and clean up for any program and is always engaged! She is always very positive and pleasant to be around.

Matt Wood – College Hall

Matt was a huge help to CA Corinne during the Slenderman program by not only helping to co-plan the event, but he played an incredible and enthusiastic Slenderman. On campus, Matt is also the treasurer for Science Club and has helped them immensely with their budget and funding. He is not only active in College Hall, but he is also interactive in other residence halls on campus. Matt’s passionate attitude shines through in everything that he does!


Publication Date

Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 9:15am