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October Residents of the Month recognized

Pitt-Greensburg's Office of Residence Life has announced the October 2019 Residents of the Month.

The Community Assistants (CAs) from each residential area select the Residents of the Month. When selecting the Residents of the Month, CAs are asked to consider the department's three main learning goals: community, engagement, and respect.

The program showcases residents who have been a positive influence the community, have become engaged on campus, and show respect to their fellow residents and the residence halls. The CAs are asked to select residents who have demonstrated a commitment to these goals.

Congratulations to the October Residents of the Month:

El Abbass – Westmoreland Hall

El was chosen because he is always willing to help with programs as well as co-plan programs. He is also very open and kind to everyone in the hall helping to make the community more welcoming.

Alyson Bender – Mead House

Alyson is active on campus and in the house. She participates in CA programs and other campus events. She is active in the Science Club and had a large role in putting together the Spooky Genitalia event this month.

Finn Caskey – Franklin House

Finn is very active on campus. Not only has he joined several student organizations, but he has a role in the upcoming school play. He was also active with Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) this month and attended Village Senate’s Halloween dance, among other things.

Zach Conley – Robertshaw Hall

Zach has been chosen because he helped plan the Robertshaw Halloween party. He is very social within the hall and participates at events in the building. Zach is also a part of the cross-country team.

Kacey Costlow – Selene House

Kacey’s CA says she is always friendly and is active on campus. She is also a student-athlete, a member of the women’s soccer team, which finished the regular season undefeated.

Shannon Dunn – College Hall

Throughout October, the residence life staff has noticed that Shannon has been a welcoming presence in College Hall. She is frequently hanging out in the public areas and has been interested in co-planning programs with the CAs. She has also helped the CAs clean-up programs after they are completed, which is very much appreciated. Shannon’s welcoming and helpful presence in the hall is much appreciated!

Jamie Henry – Marshall House

Jamie’s CA said that she was very excited to co-plan a Halloween program with her this month. Additionally, she’s active on campus as a Peer Leader and co-president of the Spanish Club.


Michele Laity – Apollo House

Michele has been active on campus this month, not only with the upcoming theater production but also by attending campus events, such as the Greensburg Getaway to see Mean Girls and the Leadership Conference. She also co-planned a program with her CA in October. Michele is a positive role model for other residents in her house.

Grace O’Malley – University Court

Grace is friendly, dedicated and super sweet. She has offered good ideas for programs, even helping to co-plan a recent succulent program with her CA. She also has gotten involved in the Spanish Club on campus.

Taroniar Sevathas – Athena House:

Described as a hard worker, Taroniar works in the Coffeehouse and volunteers off-campus. She is friendly and always has a positive attitude, and she attends many events and is very active in the Village community.

Dalton Swearingen – College Hall

Throughout the month of October, the residence life staff has noticed that Dalton has been very active and present within the hall. He has demonstrated a balance between social life and studying and is always doing work in the lobby area. He has a positive attitude and seems very open and willing to talk to others and is eager to get to know people. We appreciate Dalton’s presence in College Hall!

Will Thorp – University Court

Will has been involved in the community all throughout the month. He is friendly and outgoing and is always out and about on campus and here in the UC. He co-planned a Ping-Pong Tournament with his CA in October, is a student-athlete, and has supported his fellow student-athletes by attending games, among other things.

Demi Wardzinski – Westmoreland Hall

Demi was chosen as one of Westmo’s Residents of the Month because she has been very helpful at Westmo’s programs throughout October. She stays the entire time at every program and helps enhance the overall community in the hall.

AJ Williams – Robertshaw Hall

AJ was chosen as Resident of the Month because of how helpful and supportive he is to the hall. Not only does AJ go to every hall program, but he helps out with them even when not his direct hall. He is a friendly figure in the hall who is always uplifting.

Publication Date

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 12:30