Pitt-Greensburg Residents of the Month

Congratulations to our students who have earned Resident of the Month recognition. The Pitt-Greensburg Residence Life staff select residents who demonstrate the values of the community, engagement, and respect. Each residence hall is represented.


Nate Baker – Westmoreland Hall

Nate helped Alex co-plan a ping-pong tournament program, which was super successful and COVID-safe. He is always very pleasant in the residence hall and goes out of his way to say “hello.” The Residence Life staff anticipates that Nate will be a key player in Hall Olympics.

Leiah Baroudi – University Court

The UC staff had a lot of positive things to say about Leiah. She is always attending programs and has gotten to know a lot of new students. She has been through a lot the first month but has maintained a positive attitude and is a pleasure to talk to.

Carmen Digregory – College Hall

Carmen is very vocal, visible, and friendly to the CAs and, importantly, all students! He makes a point to say hello to everyone he talks to. He says hello to every person individually and uses their names. The College Hall staff loves his enthusiasm.

Kyle Glessner – Franklin House

Kyle is a very outgoing and engaging resident, often socializing with other first-year students in the house, eating lunch together and even playing ping pong together. He is always willing to help others, whether it's socially or academically.

Juila Hills- Robertshaw Hall

Julia is also a freshman in Robertshaw Hall and has made it a point to be at nearly every program that the CAs have hosted throughout the semester. Julia holds a spot on the Virtual Program Leaderboard and is a great addition to the Robertshaw Community.

Andrew Hunt – Mead House

Andrew has become super active on campus since his arrival on campus in August. He attends his CA’s programs and campus events. He has also taken steps to get involved in numerous clubs on campus, including SGA and SAB. According to his CA, “He is always super nice, friendly, and helpful.”

Sarah Luffy – Athena House

Sarah’s CA calls her “a big ray of sunshine who only wants to meet people and make connections.” Sarah is a first-year student and has been responsible for making time to get to meet new people in her house. She has initiated community-building activities on more than one occasion.

Alyssa Main – Apollo House

Alyssa is a freshman who has made an effort to be a friendly face in the Village community. While being a full-time student, Alyssa also works extremely hard on and off-campus. In her short time on campus so far, she has proven to be extremely creative and smart.

Christian Neri – Westmoreland Hall

Christian helped co-plan trivia with his CA. He is very active in the halls and goes out of his way to say “hello”. He is very uplifting with his harmonica. He hangs around the lobby a lot and has been great in his work as a peer leader on campus.

William Schmidt – Robertshaw Hall

Will is a freshman engineering major and is easily the most active member of Robertshaw Hall. He has helped the CAs with programs throughout the first month of school, assisting with Target Paintball and the Water Balloon Battle.

Mikaela Staal – University Court

The UC staff selected Mikaela because she has been involved in the community, talking and getting to know other people in the Courts, attending CA programs, and socializing outside around the firepit on many nights.

Khanh Tran – Marshall House

Khanh was very eager to co-plan a recent CA program in her house. In fact, her CA says that during the event, Khanh took the lead on facilitating the conversation.

Morgan Valvo – College Hall

Morgan is very active and motivated to make a positive difference by providing positivity stickers, some candy, and rocks for people in College Hall and around campus.  She inspires other residents to make sit outside of College Hall and add to our sense of community!



Publication Date

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 18:15