September Residents of the Month

Pitt-Greensburg's Office of Residence Life has announced the September Residents of the Month.

The Community Assistants (CAs) from each residential area select the Residents of the Month. When selecting the Residents of the Month, CAs are asked to consider the department's three main learning goals: community, engagement, and respect.

The program showcases residents who have been a positive influence the community, have become engaged on campus, and show respect to their fellow residents and the residence halls. The CAs are asked to select residents that who demonstrated a commitment to these goals.

Congratulations to the September Residents of the Month:

Alicia Anderson – Franklin House
Alicia is active in her house. Says her CA, “When I am not around, she jumps in to help answer residents’ questions.”  Alicia is always out and about with her welcoming smile offering her assistance. She is very respectful of the hall and everyone in the house. Other residents have spoken highly of Alicia.

Lauren Ellenberger – Athena House
Lauren has attended all of her CA’s programs so far and is always enthusiastic at those programs. According to her CA, “Lauren engages other residents in conversation and makes them feel welcome in the building.”

Bethany Fuga – Westmoreland Hall
Bethany was selected because she is an outgoing and friendly member of the Westmo community. She will talk to anyone, and she takes pride in building a community around her. She took initiative when decorating the hall and stepped up to make it a space that felt special. She played a key role helping to plan RSC’s Hall Olympics and was named Member of the Month in OACS. 

Raymond “Tre” Hanis – Selene House
Tre’s CA says that he attends her house programs and “participates with enthusiasm.” Additionally, he is a positive influence to those around him. He goes out of his way to say “hello” to people he doesn’t necessarily know very well.

Yale Johnston – College Hall
Yale was selected because he has been extremely helpful around the hall when other residents have needed help. Yale has attended almost all of the College Hall CA programs and helped them with their JDRF fundraiser. During the fundraiser, Yale loaned money to the CAs so that they could have change to provide other residents with. On top of these things, Yale is also a Peer Leader on campus.

Nick Keller – Robertshaw Hall
Nick was selected because he has been very outgoing and involved with the Robertshaw Hall community and is often seen participating in various larger events on campus. The staff noted that Nick is always friendly and offering to help others with academic assignments as well as being outgoing socially. Nick makes the hall a friendlier and more respectful place to live. 

Ted Kondrich – Westmoreland Hall
Ted was selected because the CAs view him as a natural leader. Ted stepped up when he was needed in OACS and is now the House Rep for the club as a freshman. Additionally, he can be seen anywhere on campus on his skateboard, making friends wherever he goes.

Chloe Mager – College Hall
Chloe was selected because she is constantly pulling everyone in the hall together to attend events and socialize with one another. Chloe also has assisted the CAs in various ways by encouraging residents to attend their programs, as well as advertising for things such as the JDRF fundraiser. Chloe’s ability to be inclusive of those around her is the primary reason she was selected.

Rachel McDermott – Mead House
Rachel’s CA selected her because she attends all of her programs, even when they aren’t of particular interest to her. According to her CA, “Even when she isn’t necessarily interested in the program, she shows up, hangs out, and will help me facilitate or clean up the event without being asked to.” Interacting with Rachel always adds positively to the house community.

Amorena Pascoe – Apollo House
Amorena always illustrates the type of person you want in any community; she is pleasant and welcoming. Additionally, she recently got involved on campus by joining SGA. She has high aspirations for the Apollo House community, always noting that she wants to see more interactions in the house.

Benjamin Richey – University Court
Ben’s friendly and funny personality have led to a new nickname – “Maytag”. He is widely known in his community as a friendly person to be around.  Ben has shown great interest in helping the UC staff. He continually looks for leadership opportunities and also opportunities to help others in the community.

Smit Shah – Marshall House
Smit’s CA noted that his eagerness and excitement to participate were quite noticeable in September. He attends house programs and has even provided an idea to co-plan a program with her later this semester. Additionally, he is often seen in Village Hall helping others with homework or simply studying himself.

Savien Smith – Robertshaw Hall
Savien was selected because he has been consistently involved in programming for Robertshaw Hall this semester and is often seen participating in various larger events on campus. The staff noted that Savien showed up to several Hall Olympic events and even volunteered to go knocking door-to-door in Robertshaw Hall to recruit more students to attend events for the RSC’s Hall Olympics.

Kierin Sullivan – University Court
Kierin is always around and willing to help. She was a tremendous help with the JDRF Funnel Cake fundraiser. She attended Hall Olympic events and even showed up to help at the JDRF Walk. She is always smiling and has been a genuinely positive role model during this first month of the semester.


Publication Date

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 3:30pm