Message from President Gregerson regarding end of Fall semester shelter-in-place

(Message posted October 28, 2020)

Dear Pitt-Greensburg students, faculty, and staff,

As we prepare for the end of the fall 2020 semester, I want to share some additional steps we will take to decrease the potential spread of coronavirus. As our students depart campus, we want to minimize the risk that they could bring the virus home with them to their families and other contacts. Therefore, we are asking the following of our students:

Shelter-in-Place for 14 days total; 10 days on campus. During the 10 days before the end of classes, starting on November 12, students should minimize their contacts with others and limit exposure to those in their residence pod. Students may attend in-person classes, go to work, and visit clinical education sites but should avoid extracurricular activities that include in-person meetings with others. The fitness center will remain open with limited occupancy. Social gatherings should not occur. When students return to their homes, we strongly recommend that they shelter-in-place for another four days to limit the possible exposure of others.

While sheltering in place, we urge students to limit contact with others, wear face coverings, practice good hand hygiene and keep an appropriate physical distance at all times, using social media and remote technology for interaction outside of their pods. If a student is returning to a living environment with someone who is in a vulnerable population, we recommend that they continue to wear a face mask and maintain physical distance for at least four days after returning home.

Students should use the COVID-19 Daily Health Check app during the 14-day total shelter-in-place period. If a student is in quarantine or isolation near the end of the semester, they should consult the campus health center for guidance on their specific shelter-in-place protocol.

Please take a few minutes to read the CMRO shelter-in-place message. Thank you for doing your part to keep the Pitt-Greensburg campus community safe and healthy.


Dr. Robert Gregerson
President, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg