Message from President Gregerson regarding the start of Fall 2021 semester

(Message posted August 24, 2021)

Dear Pitt-Greensburg students:

Below is a message providing details of our campus operations for the fall semester. I hope you find this information helpful. I wish you all the best as you begin or continue your educational journey at Pitt-Greensburg. Have a great semester!

Operating Status for Fall 2021

Pitt-Greensburg will begin the academic year on August 27 with the large majority of classes held in person. The decision to teach in person was based on a number of factors that we believe will contribute to a safe and healthy environment:

  • Although we don’t have final figures yet, it appears that the vaccination rate of our students will be above 80%. Thanks so much to all students who have been able to get vaccinated. Links for residential and commuter students to upload proof of vaccination status, as well as additional health standards and guidelines can be found here [link no longer available]. We will be offering vaccine clinics on campus for our students and employees in McKenna Hall on September 1 and 2, and on other dates if demand dictates. Follow this link for more information and to register [link no longer available].
  • The vaccination rate across the country has accelerated significantly
  • Westmoreland County’s COVID-19 infection rate is relatively low
  • We have a contained environment-we do not have public foot traffic through our campus
  • We have appropriate testing procedures in place
  • All members of the Pitt-Greensburg community will wear masks when inside campus buildings
  • Over the past year, we have developed robust sanitizing protocols in our buildings and enhanced air filtration and air handling procedures
  • Flexible work arrangements for staff remain in place to help de-densify campus

Vaccination and Coronavirus Testing

  • The majority of our campus community is vaccinated. However, at every opportunity, we will encourage all students and employees to get vaccinated
  • To be eligible to come to campus, students living on campus submitted a negative coronavirus test result. Then, after arriving, residential students had a second test. If the second test was negative, students were cleared to participate in campus activities, but if the test came back, positive, the student was required to isolate. Therefore, as we begin the semester, our campus should be as free of coronavirus as possible
  • Unvaccinated/undisclosing students and employees will be tested regularly for coronavirus infection throughout the semester. Anyone testing positive will be required to isolate. Definitions of quarantine and isolation, along with further information may be found here.
  • Any symptomatic student will be tested, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. Those testing positive will be required to isolate
  • Unvaccinated employees or students who have a close contact with an individual positive for coronavirus will be required to quarantine for 10-14 days. If you have had a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please call the Pitt-Greensburg Student Health Center at 724-836-9947
  • Fully vaccinated employees or students who have a close contact with an individual positive for coronavirus will not be required to quarantine, but will be tested 3-5 days following the known contact, and may be released from quarantine, depending upon the test result

Teaching and Learning

  • During the semester, if you are required to quarantine or isolate, you will not be able to attend your classes for as long as 2 weeks (but, it may be shorter). Contact the professors teaching your classes as soon as possible to inform them of your situation. They will share with you the procedures for staying on schedule with your coursework. If your situation changes, be sure to let your faculty know that right away.

Thank you all for your attention to these matters, and for helping to make this the safest and healthiest campus that it can be. We all affect the lives of many others daily. Let’s do all we can to make that impact positive and mutually supportive.


Robert Gregerson, PhD
President, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg