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Russell E Phillips, III, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Psychology

Russ Phillips, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology, and oversees the clinical/counseling concentration in the psychology major and the clinical/counseling minor at Pitt-Greensburg. (Please contact him if interested.)  Dr. Phillips has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Phillips' teaching interests include clinical/counseling courses such as psychopathology and health psychology, and more applied research courses like cross-cultural or personality psychology. Dr. Phillips' research interests involve the scientific study of religion and spirituality, including predictors and correlates of religious coping, religious fundamentalism, and perceptions of the sacred.

Dr. Phillips' Study on the Definition of Religious Fundamentalism

Peer-reviewed journals have published 3 new measures of religious fundamentalism in the past 10 years, each with research support (Liht et al., 2011; Moaddel & Karabenick, 2018; Williamson et al., 2010). Still, many researchers use Altemeyer & Hunsberger’s (2004) Religious Fundamentalism Scale. Thus, Dr. Phillips believes it is important to examine how social scientists of religion define religious fundamentalism. He is asking those who teach undergraduate or graduate students and/or conduct research on religious fundamentalism to complete a survey (click HERE) exploring the definition of the construct. This is NOT A SURVEY FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS to take for extra credit

Education & Training

  • Ph.D.