Anthony T Boldurian, PhD

  • Professor of Anthropology
Anthony T. Boldurian, Ph.D., is the founding director of the Pitt-Greensburg Archaeology Program which, since 1990, has placed many graduates in the discipline. His research focuses on origins, specifically the First (i.e., Ice Age) Americans and the First EuroAmericans in Western Pennsylvania. His writings include many consulting reports, journal articles, monographs, and a book (Clovis Revisited, 1999).  Dr. Boldurian is recognized nationwide and is a recipient of the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. In 2011, he was appointed Editor of North American Archaeologist, the only scholarly journal dedicated solely to the archaeology of North America. Dr. Boldurian’s current writing projects include an essay, Limits of Plenty: Paradoxes of the Archaeological Record and another monograph, Pharaoh’s Tomb: A Digital Exploration in Archaeology.