Pitt-Greensburg Donor Scholarships

The vast majority of Pitt-Greensburg students receive some form of financial aid.  The number of students and the amount of financial assistance needed increases annually, making scholarship revenue our single greatest financial need.  Scholarships are an essential component in recruiting and retaining top quality students.  Your support of a Pitt-Greensburg scholarship is and investment in the future.

Aaron Slafka Memorial Service Award (2014)

Aaron, a 2007 Political Science graduate, was a respected student leader and athlete, who loved Pitt-Greensburg. He passed away unexpectedly, in April 2014, at the age of 29 after a long battle with epilepsy. This award is presented to a junior or senior majoring in Political Science and who is able to demonstrate service to the University, as well as perseverance and the ability to overcome adversity.

Dr. and Mrs. Fred T. Campana Scholarship (2001)

The board of directors of the Trixie Puff Foundation established this scholarship in memory of Dr. Fred T. and Mrs. Lenore Campana. Benefiting students and faculty within the Natural Sciences Division, the endowment funds small grants awarded to students for awards, lab fees, books, and other resources. Funding of small awards to faculty include stipends and other expenses.

The Dr. Frank A. Cassell Scholarship (2007)

The Cassell Scholarship is presented annually to a Pitt-Greensburg freshman who has an interest in becoming a member of one of the Academic Villages. The purpose is to recognize and assist a student whose previous record indicates a capacity to excel in each of the Four Cardinal Points of a Pitt-Greensburg education: academic achievement, leadership, public service, and global awareness. In general, Cassell Scholars are expected to live up to the ideals of a liberal education and to be inspirational models for other Pitt-Greensburg students.

Dr. George F. Chambers Scholarship (2000)

This scholarship, created by former Pitt-Greensburg President Dr. George F. Chambers, provides partial scholarships to undergraduate students at Pitt-Greensburg. It is awarded to a freshman who has a high school GPA of at least 3.5 out of 4.0 and an SAT score of at least 1100. It may also be awarded to sophomores or juniors who have a GPA of at least 3.5 out of 4.0.

Commercial National Bank of PA Student Travel Scholarship (2002)

Established with a gift from Commercial National Bank, this endowment supports deserving University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg students pursuing travel-study assignments.

Dale J. Cordial Endowed Scholarship (1992)

This scholarship provides support to a student who demonstrates financial need and excellent potential for success as evidenced by leadership, commitment, and hard work. Each year, 90 percent of the award is to be used for tuition, books, and room and board; 10 percent is to be used for personal expenses. This endowment was established by Mr. Dale Cordial.

Peter A. Cresson Scholarship Fund (2007)

This scholarship is to support a student from Westmoreland County who attends the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

Eberly Family Scholarship Fund (1994)

All undergraduate students are eligible for this academic scholarship. Selection is based on superior academic achievement, good moral character, and financial need.

Vincent A. Finoli Scholarship in Business (1990)

This endowment was established by the Management Department and the Business Honor Society of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in honor of Vincent A. Finoli, former chairman of the Pitt-Greensburg Advisory Board. Income from this fund provides awards to students pursuing a Business degree at Pitt-Greensburg.

Fogle Family Educational Scholarship (2011)

This fund, created by Rick and Amy Fogle, provides a scholarship to an in-coming freshman who has declared Education as their major. One scholarship shall be awarded each year. This scholarship is to offset costs such as books, lab fees, room, board, or any other educational expenses and will be directly applied to the student’s account.

Garner-Tocco Memorial Scholarship (1992)

This fund, created by James J. Tocco, vice president of Surgi-Tron of Pennsylvania, provides a scholarship to a sophomore, junior, or senior who is able to demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

Greensburg YMCA Scholarship (1995)

The Greensburg YMCA Scholarship Fund was established with a gift from the Greensburg Croquet Club. Scholarship award is presented to a full-time, first-year student at Pitt-Greensburg who is a resident of Westmoreland County. Leadership and performance of community service are given priority over financial need.

Investment in the Future Student Scholarship Fund (2012)

This fund allows current year contributions to be applied to current scholarship needs. Donors who designate their contribution to this fund will immediately assist qualified students with a financial need.

Lashley Scholarship Fund (2003)

A gift from Mr. Richard S. Lashley provides the funds for this scholarship.

Norman McWhinney Scholarship for Excellence in Written Communication (2006)

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Luccy, this scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior student who has demonstrated excellence in written communications.

Michael Metrock Scholarship Fund (1999)

This fund was established in memory of Mr. Michael Metrock by his son, James Metrock. Michael Metrock was a native of Greensburg and earned a B.S. degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh in 1936. The award provides major tuition support to a student attending Pitt-Greensburg.

Natural Science and Engineering Scholarship (2000)

This endowment, established with gifts from various donors, awards a scholarship to Pitt-Greensburg students interested in Natural Sciences and Engineering. The principal donor was Dr. Thad Zaleskiewicz.

President’s Scholarship Program (2001)

The endowment was established as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. Each year, Pitt-Greensburg becomes the institution of choice for growing numbers of local students who have outstanding high school records. The President’s Scholarship is offered to the valedictorian or highest-ranking graduate who applies to Pitt-Greensburg from each of the six public and parochial school districts in Westmoreland County that were instrumental in Pitt-Greensburg’s founding in 1963.

Joel D. Sabadasz Striving for Excellence Endowed Fund (2014)

This endowment was established by Joel D. Sabadasz, professor of history. Awards are presented to sophomore, junior, or senior students who have achieved a high level of academic success despite having limited resources.

Student Government Association John Ridilla Leadership Scholarship (2003)

This scholarship was established to recognize and honor those who have made outstanding contributions toward improving the quality of campus life. The student need not be the president of a club or hold an office.

SGA Truex Study Abroad Scholarship (2002)

The Student Government Association Martha Truex Study Abroad Scholarship was established by Rick Fogle, the dean of student services at Pitt-Greensburg, and his wife, Amy. The purpose of this endowment is to support participation in the University’s Study Abroad program for one or more students.

Deborah Ann Smith Scholarship Fund (1991)

The Deborah Ann Smith Scholarship is the oldest campus-based scholarship program on the Greensburg campus. It was established in memory of Deborah Ann Smith, daughter of Albert B. Smith, founding president of the Greensburg campus. Awards are to fund scholarships to students based on academic merit.

Francis L. Tosatto Memorial Scholarship (1996)

This scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Francis Tosatto by his wife, Phyllis J. Tosatto, colleagues, and friends. Mr. Tosatto served as the director of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Plant Maintenance Department for 11 years. This scholarship is to be awarded to a student who has worked in the Plant Maintenance Department for at least 10 weeks within a one-year period preceding the application. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater at the time of the award.

Clara M. Vana Academic Excellence Endowed Fund (2014)

Established by Clara M. Vana, retired assistant director of Millstein Library, this fund is to support and encourage economically disadvantaged students to pursue academic excellence.

Gladys S. Wagner Endowed Scholarship Fund (2007)

This scholarship was established in honor of Mrs. Gladys S. Wagner by her children, and is open to any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior at Pitt-Greensburg who is majoring in Business.

Westmoreland Croquet Club Endowed Scholarship Fund (2010)

This scholarship was established by a grant through the “Old Joe Club” fund of the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County.  This endowment provides support to students for books, lab fees, travel, or other educational expenses, with a preference given to students from Westmoreland County who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service.

Thad Zaleskiewicz, Phd, Science Educators Student Award Fund (2013)

This fund is open to students entering their senior year and pursuing a degree in education with an emphasis on science. This award was established in memory of Dr. “Z”, professor emeritus, Pitt-Greensburg.


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