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GEM (Greensburg Experience More)


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Pitt Greensburg’s GEM (Greensburg Experience More) program is designed to provide students with a co-curricular experience that will complement and enhance their classroom learning.   Participants will engage in structured professional and personal skill development across five core components - Leadership Development, Service, Career Development, Cultural Awareness and Appreciation, and Pitt-Greensburg Pride and Traditions.

Program Structure

Each of the five GEM components includes core requirements - which every GEM student must complete - plus a variety of electives from which students can choose.  Each component is designed to challenge students and help them grow personally and professionally.  The skills students develop are broadly applicable to work and academic situations and marketable to future employers.  The requirements of each component are built around the following learning outcomes:

  • Leadership Development: Students will be exposed to a variety of leadership skills and situations to help them define their leadership style.  Students will learn how to be active leaders, and learn how to lead as well as follow.
  • Service: Students will gain an appreciation of and understanding of serving others in the community around them, as well as begin a lifelong commitment to service and ethics.  
  • Career Development: Students will develop career awareness and professional skills, as well as the knowledge of specific career preparation strategies in order to be competitive in gaining employment or acceptance into graduate or professional school.
  • Cultural Awareness & Appreciation: Students will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how their cultural perspective affects their world view.  Students will gain an appreciation of the value of diversity and culture in their lives.
  • Pitt-Greensburg Pride & Traditions: Students will engage in campus events and gain an appreciation for Pitt-Greensburg traditions and school spirit.   Students’ campus engagement will also serve as a catalyst for a broader sense of pride for one’s community.

Building on the skills and knowledge gained within the academic curriculum, GEM provides transferrable skill development in the following key areas: working with others in teams, oral communication, critical thinking, ethical judgment and decision making, applying knowledge and skills to real world problems, and socio-cultural awareness.

Getting It Done

The program is designed to be completed in anywhere from two year to four years.  A student may be permitted to complete the program in less than two years.  However, consultation with the GEM staff is strongly recommended in order to determine an appropriate timeline for completing all of the requirements.  Both the core requirements and electives for each component can only be completed while enrolled as a student at Pitt-Greensburg.  At this time, the GEM program is not intended for transfer to another institution, including any of the other University of Pittsburgh campuses. 

Participants will track their completion of the GEM requirements using Engage, Pitt Greensburg’s online co-curricular transcript system.  As a student approaches the conclusion of the program they will meet with one of the coordinating staff to discuss and reflect on their GEM experience.  Additionally staff are available for consultation throughout a student’s journey toward completion of the program.  Students who successfully complete the program will receive recognition at Pitt Greensburg’s annual Honors Convocation and graduation ceremony.

Helpful Links

GEM Elective Request (online form for staff and faculty)
GEM Requirements & Electives Overview (PDF)

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Services:
219 Chambers Hall
Business hours: 8:30am-5pm

OR a member of the GEM Steering Committee:
Haley Hayden, Assistant Director, Academic Village and Student Involvement
Troy Ross, Director of Housing and Residence Life
Al Thiel, Director of Student Activities
Beth Tiedemann, Registrar & Director of Academic Advising
Brian Root, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life
Dorothy Zilic, Director of Career Services