Applying for VA Education Benefits

Students applying for education benefits must submit the following documents to the Office of the Registrar, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 150 Finoli Drive, 120 Millstein Library, Greensburg, PA 15601:

  • Copy of VA Application
  • Copy of DD 214 or NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility)
  • Copy of Certificate of Eligibility
  • Copy of Kicker agreement, if applicable

Students Requesting Benefits for the First Time

You will need to submit an application to the VA by completing this on-line form.

  • VA22-1990 Students requesting benefits for the first time (Chapter 30, 33, 1606, and 1607)
  • VA 22-1990e Transfer of Post 9/11 benefits to dependents. This form should only be completed and submitted to the VA after the Department of Defense has approved the request to transfer the benefit
  • VA 22—5490 Application for Survivors and Dependents Education Assistance Benefits (Chapter 35)

If you have questions about the application process, contact the VA at 1-888-GIBILL1.

Transfer Students

Students, survivors and dependents who are transferring from another school will need to complete a “Change of Program or Place of Training” form. This is required to request a change of schools or to reinstate benefits at the same school after a break in enrollment.

VA22-1995 Form - Chapter 30, 33, 1606, 1607

VA 22-5495 Form – Chapter 35 (Survivors and Dependents)

Once this form has been completed, submit a copy to the Office of the Registrar, 120 Millstein Library.

Enrollment and Attendance Verification

If you are using benefits under Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607, you must certify your attendance to the Department of Veterans Affairs at the end of each month in order to receive your monthly payment. To log into W.A.V.E.

Returning Students

An Enrollment Certification Form will be sent to you each semester by email. This information is used to certify your GI Bill® for subsequent terms after your initial enrollment. If you do not return this form indicating your enrollment information, you will not be certified for future GI Bill® education benefits. Copies of this form are available in the Registrar’s Office.


Helpful Resources for Military Affiliated Applicants

The below resources will help you understand the costs of attendance, evaluating schools, financial considerations for pursuing your education.

The Department of Education Financial Aid Shopping Sheet assists prospective students and their families better understand the costs of attending an institution before making the final decision on where to enroll.  More information on the Shopping Sheet can be found here.

The College Scorecard is a planning tool and resource to assist prospective students and their families as they evaluate options in selecting a school.

The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper/Paying for College worksheet from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a cost comparison worksheet tool. You can enter the name of three schools and receive detailed financial information for each one.


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Costs

For an overview of the costs of attending the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, please visit here.


Academic Programs

Information on degree programs offered at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg can be found here. These plans will provide you with degree requirements by academic program including:

  • Total number of credits required for graduation
  • Coursework required divided into general education, required courses, and electives

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