Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Major at Pitt-Greensburg

39 credits
Bachelor of Arts

The Criminal Justice program at Pitt—Greensburg provides students with a high quality education that emphasizes both theory and practice. Our program takes a social scientific approach to educate students about the nature of criminality and the workings of our criminal justice system. Students also obtain practical knowledge of the criminal justice system through an internship experience during their senior year.

Students in our program have close working relationships with superior faculty in the criminal justice discipline. Not only does our faculty have impressive educational backgrounds, but they also have extensive experience working in the fields of criminal justice and law. Our faculty members are eager to mentor students and help prepare them for their careers after graduation—whether they begin a career in the criminal justice field or advance to graduate school.

The program teaches students about the three main components of the criminal justice system—police, courts, and corrections. There are required and upper-level courses in each of these areas, as well as electives in a variety of areas. These include courses in victimology, constitutional law, criminal investigation, terrorism, and probation and parole.

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Course Descriptions

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General Degree Requirements

Core Courses 7 courses - 21 credits
CJ 0002 Crime, Law and Public Policy** 3
CJ 0110 Criminology 3
CJ 0130 Correctional Philosophy: Theory and Practice 3
CJ 0210 American System of Criminal Justice 3
CJ 1125 History and Philosophy of Law Enforcement 3
SOCSCI 0200 Research Methods in Social Sciences 3
Electives 4 courses - 12 credits  
CJ 0145 Drugs and Society 3
CJ 1050 Comparative Criminology 3
CJ 1110 Violent Crime 3
CJ 1116 Organized Crime 3
CJ 1120 Community Policing and Problem Solving 3
CJ 1130 Minority Issues in Criminal Justice 3
CJ 1148 Delinquency and Juvenile Justice 3
CJ 1154 Probation and Parole 3
CJ 1155 Critical Issues in Contemporary Law Enforcement 3
CJ 1230 Critical Issues in Contemporary Corrections 3
CJ 1248 Women and Crime 3
CJ 1518 White Collar Crime 3
CJ 1520 Victimology 3

** prerequisite for all Criminal Justice classes

Additional Requirements 2 course - 6 credits

After earning 90 credits, all Criminal Justice majors must take CJ 1198 or 1199 (Internship or Research Practicum), and CJ 1950 to fulfill the capstone course requirement.

Recommended General Education Courses
PSY 0310 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 1205 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC 0010 Introduction to Sociology 3
STAT 0200 Basic Applied Statistics 4
STAT 1000 Applied Statistical Methods 4
CS 0085 PC Software for Business 3


Dr. Liz Marciniak—Full Time, Associate Professor

Dr. Tim Holler—Full Time, Assistant Professor

Mr. Neil Guzy--Adjunct

Mr. Nicholas A. Hall--Adjunct

Mr. Tom Horan--Adjunct

Mr. Gregory Kerpchar--Adjunct