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51 credits
Bachelor of Arts

Our English Literature major is distinctive in its balance of historical literary traditions, contemporary texts, critical theory, and cultural context. Because we combine a small college’s close attention to individual students with a large university’s library resources, our courses encourage a wide range of interdisciplinary linkages while developing skills in information processing and online database research. The major engages students with challenging and provocative texts and in the process stimulates wide reading, understanding of a variety of literary traditions and genres, and critical thinking. Please see our "About the Program" page to learn more about our course rotations and suggestions for navigating the coursework.

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General Degree Requirements

Core Courses 6 courses - 18 credits
The core courses ensure familiarity with a wide range of interconnected literary traditions over centuries. These should be taken after 30 credits of university coursework.
ENGLIT 1012 18th-Century British Literature 3
ENGLIT 1100 Medieval Imagination 3
ENGLIT 1125 Renaissance in England 3
ENGLIT 1175 19th-Century British Literature 3
ENGLIT 1215 Pre-20th-Century American Literature 3
ENGLIT 1325 Modernist Tradition 3
Electives 6 courses - 18 credits  
Choose any six of the remaining ENGLIT courses offered at Pitt-Greensburg. A partial list of elective classes is provided below. See the course descriptions in the current schedule of classes for additional choices. One of these courses will be used to satisfy the Literature requirement for general education.
ENGLIT 0066 Introduction to Social Literature 3
ENGLIT 0110 Introduction to Literature 3
ENGLIT 0310 Dramatic Imagination 3
ENGLIT 0315 Reading Poetry 3
ENGLIT 0325 Short Story in Context 3
ENGLIT 0360 Women and Literature 3
ENGLIT 0500 Introduction to Critical Reading 3
ENGLIT 0580 Introduction Shakespeare 3
ENGLIT 0590 Formative Masterpieces 3
ENGLIT 0626 Science Fiction 3
ENGLIT 0643 Satire 3
ENGLIT 0650 Irish Literature 3
ENGLIT 1022 Literature of the American West 3
ENGLIT 1026 American Poetry 3
ENGLIT 1065 Narrative Literature 3
ENGLIT 1241 Jane Austen: Books and Film 3
ENGLIT 1248 Literature of Minority Women 3
ENGLIT 1380 World Literature in English 3
ENGLIT 1552 History of the English Language 3
ENGLIT 1572 Fantasy and Romance 3
ENGLIT 1578 Fantasy Writers 3
ENGLIT 1611 Development of the Novel 3
ENGLIT 1640 Literature for Children 3
ENGLIT 1647 Literature for Adolescents 3
ENGLIT 1701 Topics in Women’s Studies 3

Related Area 4 courses - 12 credits

Choose four classes from one of the following departments: Classics, Communication, English Writing, French, History of Art & Architecture, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, or Theater Arts. Other choices of departments for the related area are possible with the approval of the Academic Advisor.

Additional Requirements 1 course - 3 credits

After earning 90 credits, all English Literature majors must take ENGLIT 1950 to fulfill the capstone class requirement.