History Major at Pitt-Greensburg

36 credits
Bachelor of Arts

The History major is concerned with the broad range of experiences, events, and decisions which have taken place in the past and which have shaped our current world.
Our program concentrates on the history of the United States, Latin America, and the world. It is also concerned with imparting an introductory knowledge of the basic tools of history.

Core Courses 3 courses - 9 credits
Complete 1 survey course in each of the following areas:
HIST 0500
HIST 0501
Colonial Latin America OR
Modern Latin America


HIST 0600
HIST 0601
U.S. to 1877 OR
U.S. 1865 to Present
HIST 0710
HIST 0711
World History to 1500 OR
World History 1500 to Present
Electives 7 courses - 21 credits
Choose seven History courses. Of the seven courses, five courses must be upper-level History courses. The remaining two courses may be either upper-level courses, cross-listed courses, approved Classics courses, or survey courses. A partial list of elective classes is provided below. See the course descriptions in the current schedule of classes for additional choices.
HIST 0180 19th Century Europe 3
HIST 0575 History of Modern Central America 3
HIST 0756 Intro to Islamic Civilization 3
HIST 1005 Special Topics 3
HIST 1035 20th Century World 3
HIST 1075 Slavery in the Atlantic World 3
HIST 1087 World War II 3
HIST 1104 The Crusades 3
HIST 1140 History and Culture of Spain 3
HIST 1158 British Imperialism 3
HIST 1367 20th Century Europe 3
HIST 1423 Modern China 3
HIST 1522 Brazil 3
HIST 1525 Mexico 3
HIST 1580 19th Century Latin America 3
HIST 1583 20th-Century Latin American Revolutions 3
HIST 1611 American Revolution 1763-1791 3
HIST 1614 Civil War History 3
HIST 1616 Antebellum America 3
HIST 1715 Empires in the Modern World 3
HIST 1753 The Ottoman Empire 1300-1923 3
HIST 1793 History of Iran 3
CLASS 0010 Greek Civilization 3
CLASS 0020 Roman Civilization 3

Additional Requirements 2 courses - 6 credits

History majors should enroll in HIST 1010 Historical Inquiry and Methods and HIST 1955 History Capstone in the latter part of their undergraduate experience.


Student Opportunities

Internship programs are readily available in Pittsburgh (Heinz History Center, etc.) and in the surrounding area, especially at local history societies such as Hannahstown, Fort Ligonier, Bushy Run, etc.