Philosophy Minor

18 credits (6 courses)

Students interested in Philosophy may choose to pursue a minor either to supplement the work in their majors or to fulfill the requirements for a related area within their majors. The minor in Philosophy requires that students complete a total of 18 credits, three of which may be used to fulfill the Philosophical Tradition (PT) requirement for General Education.

Printable Distribution of Credits Checklist


Complete six three-credit philosophy courses. The selection of courses must include one course from each of the three categories shown below. In addition, two of the six courses chosen for the minor must be upper-level courses. Upper-level PHIL courses are those with numbers above 1000 except for PHIL 1380 Business Ethics.

I. History of Philosophy

PHIL 0200 History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 0210 History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 0220 Introduction to Existentialism
PHIL 1245 American Philosophy

II. Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science

PHIL 0470 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 1340 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 1460 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 1640 Philosophy of Psychology

III. Value Theory

PHIL 0300 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 0320 Social Philosophy
PHIL 0365 Moral Philosophy and the Law
PHIL 1380 Business Ethics

Each course for the Philosophy minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better.