Psychology Major at Pitt-Greensburg

38 credits
Bachelor of Science

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and deals with learning and motivation, perception, development and adjustment of human personality, social relations, and methods of research used in analyzing human behavior. Practicum and research experiences are available to qualified students.

Psychology is one of the most flexible and marketable majors and teaches a variety of skills sought by employers, including training in critical thinking, writing, communication, research, and statistics, and encourages empathy and openness to diversity. If you think about it, psychology relates to almost ANY career. Most occupations involve understanding other people, or learning how to conduct research, think critically, and communicate well. Psychologists have many more options than just the important work of therapy – they also work in the business world, conduct research for organizations, create policies for the government, help students in schools, consult with medical professionals in health care settings, and help protect society within various roles in the criminal justice sector.

The Pitt-Greensburg Experience

What makes psychology at Pitt-Greensburg stand out from other programs is the unique curriculum. We offer coursework in Behavior Analysis that is increasingly sought after and will make you stand out from graduates at other institutions. These courses give you hands-on experience in learning the technical skills of assessing, understanding, and changing a client's behavior. We also offer the unique opportunity to take courses and conduct research in the field of Legal Psychology, which examines topics such as police investigative interviewing practices, eyewitness memory, and jury decision-making. Further, Pitt-Greensburg takes 21st century liberal arts education seriously. You will have opportunities to conduct research in psychology, including with professors individually, and even present your work locally or at the national level. Your professors are constantly publishing, which means they are creating knowledge and keeping abreast of the newest information in the field. You will have opportunities to learn hands-on, through internships, co-curricular events like the Active Minds club, and other activities that professors and students engage in outside the classroom. The Village Model provides Pitt-Greensburg students an opportunity to get involved in these programs and get to know their students and professors better than they might at other colleges.

Career Options

Course Descriptions

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General Degree Requirements


Below are the requirements for the major in psychology. If you would like information on the Psychology Major with a Clinical/Counseling Concentration, click here.

Introductory Course Requirement 1 course - 3 credits




PSY 0010 Introduction to Psychology 3
Core Courses 3 courses - 9 credits

Take three of the following courses:

Course Title Credits
PSY 0105 Social Psychology 3
PSY 0160 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY 0310 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 0410 Human Cognition 3
PSY 1205 Abnormal Psychology 3
Research Courses 2 courses - 8 credits
Course Title Credits
PSY 0032 Research Methods 4
PSY 0402
PSY 0330

Experimental Learning OR
Experimental Child Psychology

Electives 5 courses - 15 credits

Students choose five additional Psychology courses. Some courses, such as PSY 1910 - Supervised Field Placement, PSY 1912 - Directed Individual Reading, PSY 1913-Directed Individual Research, and PSY 1972 - Teaching of Psychology, require special permission from the instructor. A maximum of six credits in these four courses may be used for the elective requirement.

Additional Requirement 1 course - 3 credits

After earning 90 credits, all Psychology majors must take PSY 1925 - Senior Thesis to fulfill the capstone course requirement.

Liberal Arts Courses

Psychology majors must take the following course as part of their General Education Requirements:

Course Title
STAT 0200 Basic Applied Statistics