Visual and Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts majors at Pitt-Greensburg acting onstage

36 Credits
Bachelor of Arts

Preparation for a successful career in the arts.
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Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) is a contemporary academic field for individuals seeking preparation for a career or continued education in the arts. Unique to Pitt-Greensburg, the VAPA program offers a comprehensive exploration of the connections among Art History, Music, and Theatre Arts - while including a host of opportunities for students to express their individual passion for the arts for academic credit.

History of Art & ArchitectureMusicTheatre Arts

Students majoring in this program select one of these disciplines as an area of focused study while taking courses to amass a more liberal knowledge and appreciation of the remaining areas.

Those interested in a variety of careers in the arts - including arts management, stage and film performance, tech theatre/backstage work, film, vocal performance, museum work, education - find the VAPA major an excellent training ground for their careers.

Additionally, the program has been designed so that students may pursue a second major (such as management or psychology) to further focus their education for an exciting future in their specific field of interest.