Mission, Vision, and Values


The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg welcomes students from all backgrounds and provides them with a high-quality, affordable education to become skilled, responsible, adaptable professionals and global citizens. The University enriches the region through community engagement, scholarship, artistic expression, and workforce development.


To be a forward-thinking institution that provides transformative education and adapts to the ever-changing landscape of higher education and the global community.

We accomplish our Mission and Vision by valuing:

  • Inclusion - Celebrate diversity in all its forms and definitions and actively promote a culture of equity, tolerance, anti-racism, and respect in people, the curriculum, the co-curriculum, and in our communities.
  • Sustainability - Foster a culture that promotes principles of environmental, social, and financial stewardship for the campus and broader community.
  • Interconnectedness & Community - Embrace the diversity of the physical and social worlds by challenging personal, professional, and cultural barriers that impede our growth and evolution.
  • Empathy - Understand the complexity of the human condition and create citizens who choose compassion and service to create a more humane world.
  • Responsibility - Provide an education that engages the students with the community, society, and the world.
  • Innovation & Adaptability - Focus on advancements in instruction, learning measures, and student services to cultivate critical and forward-thinking, strategic analysis, creativity, and an openness to learn new things in an ever-changing environment.


  1. Enhance the Student Experience – Attending to the needs of students by providing them with an inclusive, positive, and supportive environment both academically and co-curricular. Pitt-Greensburg considers the student first, with a focus on supporting the development of their skills and knowledge to enable them to be successful in their future endeavors. Areas of focus include Academics, Student Activities, Recreational Sports, Academic Advising, Career Preparation & Readiness, and Global Competency.
  2. Sustainability - Commit to a culture that promotes responsible principles of social, financial, and environmental stewardship for the campus and broader community to ensure the long-term viability of Pitt-Greensburg. This entails establishing long-lasting solutions for the areas of Student Enrollment, Student Retention and graduation, Athletics, Revenue diversification, Grant Procurement, Endowment development, Infrastructure/Facilities, and a campus/work environment that supports success and well-being.
  3. Engage the Community/Region - Establish a presence in the western PA region through enhanced marketing, state relationships, faculty & staff collaboration with the community, and strategic approaches to campus involvement in regional organizations.
  4. Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging - To create a healthy and supportive campus community for students, faculty, and staff.