Academic Village

Students walking in the Academic Village complex

Welcome to the Academic Village at Pitt-Greensburg! If you are looking for a community that:

  • Embraces learning and diversity
  • Opens opportunities for you to explore your interests
  • Helps you to become a better student and a better human being

then the Academic Village community is the place for you!

Your interests inspire new Village experiences. Immerse yourself in academic and cultural topics that fascinate you, and discover new interests and perspectives along the way. You have the power to leave an impact on our community for generations of students to come!

Calling all hardworking students! Learn how you can be recognized with the prestigious Nancy Florez-Estrada Mentoring Award!

Village FAQs

How do I apply to join the Village?

Do I need to live on campus to be part of the Village?

How is my Village application evaluated?

Once I've been accepted into the Village, is there any way I can lose my place?

What are the Village residence halls like?

What kinds of topics and interests are represented in Village programs?

Which professors are involved in the Village?

Have more questions about the Village?

Please contact
Dr. Sheila Confer
Director, Academic Village
Instructor in Theatre Arts

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