Global Experiences

Taking courses outside of the traditional classroom gives you the opportunity to:

  • immerse yourself in another culture
  • gain valuable global skills
  • develop self-awareness
  • enhance your undergraduate career.

A global experience now will impress potential employers and set you apart from the rest! Many agree that studying abroad/away can be one of the best parts of the college experience!

As part of the Pitt Global Experiences system, our students may choose from over 350+ programs, in one of 75+ countries, representing 107 majors. Students decide how long they want to study abroad/away. It may be during the 1-week academic spring break; for a portion of the summer term; a fall or spring semester; or during the full academic year. The majority of our programs have no language requirements. But be sure to review the program's webpage from top to bottom for any prerequisites and for important information. Students may earn credit towards their degree for classes and internship experience they complete abroad:

  • gen eds
  • general electives
  • minor
  • major

Financial aid and scholarships are available and may be applied to study abroad programs. Currently, 100% of Greensburg students who apply for federal aid receive some type of scholarship or grant to study abroad.

You could take part in a global experience as soon as the summer after your freshman year!

Learn More

  • Visit the on-campus Study Abroad Office in 120 Millstein Library.
  • Set up a meeting with the Program Manager for the program you are interested in. Aren't sure? Just email, mention that you are a Greensburg student, and we will direct you to the appropriate person.
  • Explore your options by visiting the Global Experiences Office.