Alumni Association (PGAA)

The Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association (PGAA) was established to help promote fellowship among alumni and create a lifelong connection between graduates and the University.  

Who are our Alumni?

Pitt-Greensburg is very unique, in that it only began granting 4-year degrees in 1988. Our alumni are defined as any student who completed three or more semesters on the Greensburg campus.  

Are all Alumni PGAA Members?

General membership is automatic for all Pitt-Greensburg graduates or any student that has completed three or more semesters at the Greensburg campus. Associate memberships can be granted to friends of the University who express an interest in Pitt-Greensburg and want to be involved in the PGAA. PGAA members promote the interests of Pitt-Greensburg and lend support to the general campus community, especially the students, through participation in special programs and events.

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Support Our Students

Help students who are in immediate need of financial assistance by supporting the PGAA Student Emergency Fund. This helps a student with the cost of books, student and lab fees, rent, travel, and food during extraordinary circumstances.

Volunteer for a career panel. The PGAA is partnering with Career Services to provide students with advice as they navigate a new virtual job landscape. Alumni are especially needed in the these areas: criminal justice, psychology, history, biology, management/accounting, information sciences, chemistry, social sciences, applied math, communication, visual and performing arts.

Share job openings, internships, and job shadowing experiences through Career Services and Handshake.